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Yes, You Have to ADULT Today

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This is what life’s about: I got a message today. I was in the midst of planning and packing for my business/work/play trip away from my family. I was stressing about anything I could think of to stress about. And then worrying about missing things I should be stressed about, certainly I was overlooking something. What purse do I bring? Big? Small? Clutch? Partial-luggage-sized? Stress. What to wear? What to pack? What jackets, what shirts with what pants? Stress. And shoes! Ladies…the SHOES are an out-of-control obsession. Can we stop? Stress. And school pictures are on Friday…can we make the hair happen that day? Can we at least get a promise to comb it? Stress. Piano on Thursday. Oh, and Meet the Teachers is tomorrow night. One fruit and one vegetable in the kids’ lunch every day. And protein…don’t forget the protein. Youngest has to read every morning before school.…

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5 Ways High-Level Training Can Skyrocket Your Success

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I’m sitting here in the Denver airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Austin, TX. ***Before we dive into this post, let me ask you been-to-Austin peeps where I should eat?  I’ve heard Austin is a great place to visit…but what are the must-do’s before I leave on Sunday? I’d rather skip Yelp and TripAdvisor and ask actual people instead of a computer. So…whatcha got? Austin all week; call this a work/girlfriend/leadership/company convention trip. It’s all about blending work and play, right? I take these leadership/professional development trips 1-2 times each year and people always ask me if they’re paid for? Um, yes, they’re paid for and yes, I’m the one footing the bill. In today’s world where so many women are seeking entrepreneurship, it’s the only way to get personal and professional development at the expert level. I mean, if I’m my own boss, who do people think would be sending me off on…


Two Powerful Words: I AM

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A friend of mine had this wild idea a few years ago that we should all run a relay race — a two-HUNDRED mile relay race, to be exact. I don’t run. And of course, because good friends can talk you into anything, I found myself, my husband, my brother, and my two besties signed up for this would-be 34 hour run, and all I could think was… I don’t run. Turns out, I do run. I run pretty fast, too, but I had to come to a place of wanting to run and believing I COULD run. Training for this relay race was one of the biggest mindset tests I’ve ever experienced, and what I learned from it translated into BIG BUSINESS GROWTH. Training for a 200-mile relay launched my business into a massive leap forward? Stick with me: I had so much anxiety and fear going into this…

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Can You Say Positive Posse? Because You Need One.

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I heard this a while back: “If you surround yourself with chickens, you’re going to cluck, but if you surround yourself with eagles, you’re going to soar.” It stuck with me because it’s funny, but oh, so true! I didn’t fully grasp the depth of this concept for years; that the messages, the energy, and the behaviors of those around me have shaped MY energy, messages, and behavior! You ARE the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you’re hanging out with people who gossip, tear others down, and complain, you’ll find yourself doing the same. However, if you’re spending time with people who are encouraging, stretching themselves and others, and pouring words of encouragement support, and love into you, you will find yourself doing the same. It’s all up to you! Here’s the skinny: You can’t hang out with negative people and expect to…

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Silence Your Inner Critic

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Take a moment and be honest with yourself: How often do you have thoughts or feelings of self-doubt and insecurity? Sometimes, it seems like we’re bombarded by them, right? We think things like: I can’t do that. I really messed up that phone call. I’m a terrible leader. No one would ever want to follow me. I’m never going to be successful/helpful/useful/whatever. And most of this negativity comes from within — it comes from between our ears, out of thin air … our minds actually seem to just make stuff up! These aren’t true, fact-based statements; it’s okay if you don’t know how to do something, because you can learn. But if you convince yourself that you simply can’t do something — without even trying — then it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, let’s challenge that! Today, each time you catch yourself saying anything doubtful, negative or fear-based, change negative thoughts by…

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Reality Check: You’re As Authentic as You Want to Be

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Women are in a prime position in today’s business world: Our voices have a place and we’re being heard. Our actions have merit and we are needed. And yet, with all of this opportunity, there seems to be a common concern among us: How can do we find success professionally while still being authentic? We really shouldn’t be so worried about this, ladies! We’re so freaking amazing in business because of our authenticity. People believe us because of our nurturing side, our softer presence, our natural tendency for expressing our vulnerability. These are the very roots of what makes us so likable, and we need to build upon — not ignore — them. As a sales recruiter helping women to partner with my company, I hear this all the time, “I just don’t want to be disingenuous or inauthentic.” And I can’t help but laugh at the thought! After all,…


How to Own a Room: Boost Your Confidence and Nurture your Network

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Whether you’re launching your own business, searching for the perfect co-founder, transitioning to a new industry—networking can be enriching your personal life! However, if mingling in a room full of strangers’ makes you feel like a wallflower, connecting with new people can feel uncomfortable. Regardless of how you feel, networking is undeniably an effective way to meet people who can provide new opportunities and help you grow your business. So I’m here to give you the keys to success so you can own any room you walk into! How to Own a Room Carry energy Positive Posture Rise to the level of the room Believe in your role Dress the part Carry Energy: Owning a room is all about confidence. Some have confidence, some don’t, but you don’t have to have all the confidence in the world to own a room…you just have to carry energy! Your energy makes a…

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Dress for Success!

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Truth: We all want be ourselves and be appreciated for our ideas, our brilliance, and our authenticity, but the truth is, people judge a book by its cover! How you dress; what you wear and how you wear it, greatly affects how people perceive you. Right or wrong, it’s just human nature. If you want people to hear your words and follow your vision, presenting your best self is a sure fire way to get their attention! I remember first starting my business; I had been an SAHM for long enough that my go-to wardrobe was jeans (or yoga pants) and a Tshirt. I knew I’d have to change this uniform to be taken more seriously as a business owner. I didn’t make radical changes, but I did make a conscious effort to polish my look a bit. I gave my jeans and T-shirt look an easy update; I bought…

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The Keys to Success

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I was interviewed recently for an upcoming project and I was asked, “What’s been the key to your success?” Super simple. I simply hung in there when everyone else did not. I hung in there when I was scared, frustrated, and insecure. I hung in there when I was misunderstood and felt like I was being excluded. I hung in there when it wasn’t fun, when I was banging my head against a wall, and when I didn’t think I could go another day. And I STILL hang in there! If anything, I’m more freaking persistent (and stubborn) than most! You know what else I did . . . I threw myself a bone. Spend more time loving YOURSELF, encouraging yourself, focusing on your strengths and accomplishments, and throwing yourself grace like it’s your job! Spend more time loving LIFE, being comfortable with the journey, the process, and the present.…

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Moving Through Fear

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“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling . . . what if you fly?” As an entrepreneur, a creative, or anyone passionate about the work they do, there is just never a time when we aren’t scared! Fear reminds you that what you do matters! It’s powerful. It’s big. If you’re waiting for fear to go away, it won’t. If you’re thinking that fear means you shouldn’t do it . . . you’re wrong! Let fear guide you and do your thing scared. Do it afraid. Everything we do, the stuff that matters, do it scared. I used to think fear of change, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment was something to run from, yet as an entrepreneur I’ve learned that fear is something to run into. My biggest growth times have come through my biggest fears and overcoming doubt, insecurities, and challenges. Building the life we want isn’t…