Do You Absolutely Know What You Are Selling by Heather Quisel

Do You Absolutely Know What You Are Selling?

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Newsflash! I’m in network marketing. Unfortunately, it’s an industry that has a really bad reputation. It’s too often done poorly and that gives the entire group of us a huge challenge. It’s easy for our friends and family on Facebook and social media to feel like they’re sick of being sold product x or y. And depending on their group of friends, they may have it coming from many directions. The reality is – we’re ALL being sold something. And we’re being sold everywhere! In addition to the obvious products and services, we’re being sold people’s thoughts and emotions as we scroll through our newsfeeds. We’re being sold clubs, behaviors, ideas, etc. Think about this concept. Network marketers who do extremely well are very intentional about what they’re selling. The products and services are only a small piece of what we actually do. When you think about how you’re connecting,…

The 3 not-so-great feelings all great leaders experience, and why they’re a good thing

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Natural born leaders know that with the role of leader comes weight and responsibility, but also immense joy. Leaders play a HUGE role in developing other, inspiring others and encouraging others. Ultimately, leaders help others become their own best and highest selves. I feel there’s no better job in the world than leadership! Today, I want to share with you three things you may have noticed come with being a leader that don’t feel so great. As leaders, we do what’s needed, that doesn’t always mean it’s easy or convenient. It does mean we do things most people won’t. I’m sure you’ve already noticed these things. First – Discomfort. This is NORMAL. As leaders, we’re going to feel uncomfortable because we’re pushing ourselves and others to move forward, outside of our comfort zones – we do it scared. You should be uncomfortable – this is where GROWTH happens. Second –…

Be the Woman You Want to Be by Heather Quisel

Be the Woman You Want to Be

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  I have a really cool visual I want to share with you. You’re gonna love it! We talk a lot about vision in this business. As we work to achieve the different levels of success with our business, a big component of that is visualization. In high school, I was a high jumper. I would go to bed at night running through my steps…the run, the leap, the landing. I would visualize myself kicking back over the bar looking for my feet. Here’s the thing. It’s the same in our business. That process of visualizing sets you up for success. You think about what you want your life and business to look like and visualize it as if it’s already happened. I have a friend whose son is a world class kayaker. In discussing visualization with her, she commented that he does the same thing. As my friend explains…

Raise the Bar Think Bigger! by Heather Quisel

Raise the Bar. Think BIGGER!

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When you’re in a business like network marketing, you know the last day of the month is a big deal. It’s a time when you look at your goals and your actuals and see how they lined up. I recently had a conversation with someone who was going through this evaluation and felt frustrated. She commented that she felt like her business wasn’t growing and that she had all these goals she wasn’t meeting…worse, she said that she felt like if she didn’t meet them she’d fail like a failure. How many of you have felt this way? Yeah, me too. BUT I don’t anymore. And you don’t have to either. If you’re like I used to be, you have goals in your head, but you don’t share them out loud because you’re afraid of looking like, and feeling like, a failure if you don’t meet them. When I first…

The Art of Doing It All by Heather Quisel

The Art of Doing It All

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As you all know, I’m a mom and a successful business owner. From the outside, it probably seems like I’m one of those people who has it all. Today, I want to take you inside so you can see exactly how I juggle everything. As women, there’s a lot of pressure to manage everything. To BE everything to EVERYONE. It’s this huge weight of responsibility. YOU have to be able to manage your house, your business, your health, your kids, family, etc. without dropping any of it. You have to ROCK at all of them or you’re a failure. Sound familiar? I thought it might help for you to see how my life and business is run. How I’ve learned to ASK FOR HELP. I’ve realized that I can’t do it all, but there’s a lot I want to do. Here are a few examples. I recently hosted a retreat.…

Habit Shake Up by Heather Quisel

Habit Shake Up

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One of the topics that come up frequently for myself and anyone who’s striving to become their highest and best self, to become successful is the idea of habits. Are your habits helping or hurting you? We all have healthy and unhealthy habits. Our unhealthy habits often leave us feeling stuck; like we’re unable to get out of a rut and move forward towards a goal. A friend of mine was saying that she finds herself making a list, a pretty long list, of all the good habits she wants to have and decides she’s going to take them on all at once. What happens to her is that by the end of one day she’s tried to do them ALL. She’s tried to take on every single habit change all in one swoop. This doesn’t work for anyone…so, unfortunately, she winds up feeling like a complete failure and instead…

Balcony People and Basement People How Your Friends Can Influence Your Success by Heather Quisel

Balcony People and Basement People: how your friends can influence your success

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If you’re anything like me, you love visuals. They make it easy to picture something that’s going on in my life in a different way…in a way that helps me overcome a problem or change a situation. I’ve got this amazing visual that I just have to share! My friend Shelly shared this book with me called Balcony People. You can get it used on Amazon, but it’s not in print any longer. From what I understand based on what Shelly told me, there’s two types of people: Balcony People and Basement People. You’re going to love this! Balcony people are those people in your life who are always elevating you. They make you feel good and push you towards achieving your goals. They encourage you and love you. They keep you up in the balcony and give you a different perspective. Then there are basement people. These are the…

C-Type Goals - A Fresh Take on Challenging Yourself by Heather Quisel

C-Type Goals; a fresh take on challenging yourself

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I didn’t know this until recently, but there’s actually three types of goals that we set. Each serves a purpose to help us level up. Bob Proctor talks about each of them. Check out his book The Art of Living if you’ve not yet been introduced to him. As soon as I learned about these three types of goals, it made sense…and having a label to put on them is AWESOME. So, of course, I’m sharing them with you. First, there are A-Type goals. These are ones we already know how to do. To use Bob’s example, if you set a goal to buy a brand-new Pontiac, but you’ve already done it before, it’s an A-type goal. It’s something you know how to do because you’ve done it before. Around 75% of us are setting this type of goal. If you already know how to do it, it’s a to-do…

Your Success, Your Tools by Heather Quisel

YOUR success, YOUR tools

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  I recently bought a new hair styling iron. I saw a friend use it in a video. She looked A-MAZING and I knew I would too. So I bought and couldn’t wait for it to show up. When it finally arrived, I had this whole image in my head of how great I was going to look. I spent crazy amounts of time doing my hair…and then…ugh! It looked AWFUL! At first, I was devastated! But then I realized…this is just like business. My journey as an entrepreneur has NEVER been smooth. I’ve never gone from point A to point B without bumps (and bad hair jobs) along the way. I’ve never executed a plan flawlessly the first time. There’s always a flop. That styling iron is being returned. It’s not for me. That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with ME. It just means it wasn’t the right tool.…

Get What You Want In Life by Heather Quisel

Get what you Want in life

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  Sometimes getting what you want in life comes down to something as mundane as dress shopping for an event. I was at a fancy dress store looking for a dress. I had a whole line of dresses queued up to try on. All but one were on sale. Of course, the one I wanted was the one that wasn’t on sale. Typical, right?! This got me thinking about setting goals. How often do we set the goals we think we can achieve rather than reaching for the goals we want? Why would you go into a store for a dress and not go home with the one you want? Why would you set a goal that’s less than what your heart desires? I did go home with the dress I wanted! Yay! And you can too. For today, think about your dreams and goals. Are you setting goals that…