How to stop seeing problems and seize opportunities for success in everything you do

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how to stop seeing problems and seize opportunities for success in everything you do by Heather Quisel
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Get ready to have your world rocked! You are going to love this! I’ve been reading a book called “Energy Leadership” by Bruce Snyder. In the book, he talks about the Five Principles of Empowerment. To be successful in life, in anything you do, you need to know at least this one thing. Ready?

He first principle he discusses is this: Life only offers opportunities. Life does NOT offer problems or challenges. What this means is that any stumbling block or perceived challenge you’re facing is an opportunity to grow and learn. If you’re coming from the perspective of identifying things as problems, you’re coming from a negative mindset and allowing your mind to make things seem harder than they truly are – it’s based out of fear. Think about how you can shift your thought process away from fear to one of “this is an opportunity to ____.”

Make a list of the “challenges” and “problems” you’re coping with right now. Think about what’s really holding you back from tackling them. Is it fear? Uncertainty? Anxiety? Then, switch your thinking. Each of those challenges is an OPPORTUNITY for you to overcome whatever is holding you back and grow into your best self.

Instead of focusing on the reasons you can’t do something, the reasons you’re AFRAID to do something, start looking at the ways in which you can learn and grow. Those are the opportunities life is providing you. Seize them with passion and drive. Take those opportunities and run with them all the way to the success you’ve been craving. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is than you thought it would be before you changed your mindset.

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