How do you use your first hour of the day?

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How do you use the first hour of the day by Heather Quisel
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When I was a new mom, I was encouraged to start a gratitude journal. On one half of the paper I was to write down all the things each day I’d been grateful for. On the other side of the paper, I wrote down the things that kept me from being grateful.
In the early days, I could write down a lot more things that kept me from happiness than things that filled me up, but as time went on, and I learned how to LOOK for things to be grateful for, my list became increasingly heavy on the gratitude.
It’s about leading a grateful LIFE, friends!
Today, I still practice this kind of focus. Each and every morning, long before checking emails, or social media, or even everyday radio stations. I read and sit quietly. I read something inspiring to fill my mind with what’s possible, reminding me of who I am and how I’m meant to show up in this world. Then I sit in silence.
Gratitude. Reflection. Prayer.
That first hour is huge, friends. My whole perspective on life changed when I started spending the day’s first hour setting my intentions, setting the tone, and DECIDING how to begin each day!
Here’s what I DON’T do in that first hour:

•Check emails
•Check or read social media
•Turn on the TV, computer, or outside information of any kind.
•Take care of others
My first hour of the day looks a lot like this:

•Wake an hour (or more) before my household
•Read something that inspires, teaches, or motivates me.
•Write out my focus and goals for the day
•Drink a liter of water
•Pray and set my intentions/tone for the day. Ask for what I want more of.
What does your first hour look like? How could you change it to set yourself up for gratitude and success?

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