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What’s holding you back from living the life you want? It isn’t (insert any defeating scenario here). Often it’s each other! Women will succeed when we, as a collective of women, stop judging and start offering grace, encouragement and love.

As an independent woman, I often find myself thinking/wishing/expecting that I can go at it alone. And although I’m in business for myself, I grow and flourish when I’m not by myself. I have found having a powerful circle of influence can help me overcome and handle fear (which never seems to go away!).

Giving yourself the grace and understanding that you are where you should be, on your own unique and authentic journey. Knowing that, you will continue to rise with intention and declaration. Accepting one another and understanding that we’re all on a journey, our own individual and unique journey, and it’s our differences that will make us stronger collectively.

Grace is understanding that we’re on a journey and granting each woman the judgment-free acceptance to be who she is at this very moment. Your journey will look different than mine, no right or wrong, no good or bad, just different.

There are two types of thinking from which most people operate: abundance and scarcity. Scarcity-minded peeps live in fear. In business you can identify them by their desperate communications and dog-eat-dog mentality. They will knock you down on the race to the top. Abundance-minded biz peeps understand that there is more than enough business for everyone, especially themselves. They believe in collaboration, linking arms and helping each other along the way, and they hope everyone makes it.

I’ve lived both mindsets, and there’s a clear winner. In the short run, desperation can gain quick results, but for the long-term, foundational growth is sustainable. It’s all about abundant thinking, action and belief. Believe you are abundant. Believe your only competition is the you of yesterday!

We all need someone to help keep us accountable — our dreams, goals, plans, vision. Seek guidance and positive influence whenever you can and link arms with collaborators who thin and dream s big and bigger than you!

My goal here is to give women a space to collaborate, share, comment and lift each other up! Please engage with me, with each other, share ideas, offer suggestions, reach out to this collective of women who will share in your successes . . . our success.

This blog will help us all do just that . . . celebrate success!

Find grace in the delicate balance of doing it all/chasing your dreams. Creating a life you love with the people you love. Life.Redefined.