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I was interviewed recently for an upcoming project and I was asked, “What’s been the key to your success?”

Super simple. I simply hung in there when everyone else did not. I hung in there when I was scared, frustrated, and insecure.

I hung in there when I was misunderstood and felt like I was being excluded.

I hung in there when it wasn’t fun, when I was banging my head against a wall, and when I didn’t think I could go another day.

And I STILL hang in there! If anything, I’m more freaking persistent (and stubborn) than most!

You know what else I did . . . I threw myself a bone.

Spend more time loving YOURSELF, encouraging yourself, focusing on your strengths and accomplishments, and throwing yourself grace like it’s your job!

Spend more time loving LIFE, being comfortable with the journey, the process, and the present.

Spend more time loving OTHERS, accepting differences, affirming with words, and listening with patience.

Comparison is the joy thief. Success for me, for her, for you looks different.

You’ve got to define what SUCCESS looks like for you TODAY.

Here’s one way I like to define success: did I do today what I intended to do? See how simple that is? It’s measurable, too.

What is it you will do TODAY that will allow you to go to bed tonight KNOWING you were successful today? Define success for you and realize that it’s a JOURNEY, not a destination, and you succeed on that journey by . . . persevering! Making things happen! Taking risks! Getting stuff done!

So, throw yourself a bone (and lots of grace), and do this:

Take a quick minute write down FIVE things that you’re going to do before your head hits the pillow tonight. That will make this day a success. Five things. Done, done, done, and DONE! Success!

Hang in there! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.