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This is what life’s about:

I got a message today. I was in the midst of planning and packing for my business/work/play trip away from my family. I was stressing about anything I could think of to stress about. And then worrying about missing things I should be stressed about, certainly I was overlooking something.

What purse do I bring? Big? Small? Clutch? Partial-luggage-sized? Stress.

What to wear? What to pack? What jackets, what shirts with what pants? Stress.

And shoes! Ladies…the SHOES are an out-of-control obsession. Can we stop? Stress.

And school pictures are on Friday…can we make the hair happen that day? Can we at least get a promise to comb it? Stress.

Piano on Thursday. Oh, and Meet the Teachers is tomorrow night. One fruit and one vegetable in the kids’ lunch every day. And protein…don’t forget the protein. Youngest has to read every morning before school. Every morning. And practice spelling. And Oldest can make dinner if you just ask her for help. There’s a meal plan on the fridge…are you getting all this? Stress times infinity.

And so my mind went. On and on. Spiraling, worrying, planning, spinning.

And then I got a message. And, just like that, it snapped my world back to center.

The words were so simple, but so powerful. And so needed.

“Thank you…you don’t realize the magnitude of the impact you have on the people’s lives you touch. How blessed I feel to have you on my team, in my life. Making me think maybe there’s a place for me. Maybe there is a kind of spirituality out there that is truly loving and kind.”

Guys…THIS is what life’s about. That is what meaningful work is about. Work has been off.the.hook HARD lately. Emotionally challenging, spiritually challenging, mentally frustrating…you name it. And I know you get it. Life is hard. Work is hard. Life/work balance is harder. But messages like this…this is what we wait for in life, isn’t it? Validation that we’re doing something right. Something meaningful. Something impactful.

Have you seen the memes on Pinterest lately that say, “I can’t adult today?”

As if this is funny. As if you get to choose to just not show up for life today.

People like you and me get this: you don’t get to NOT SHOW UP FOR LIFE. You can’t experience the high rewards of life if you aren’t willing to fight the hard battles. The high highs only come if you’re willing to trudge through the sometimes low lows. If you aren’t willing to stretch yourself and be uncomfortable and learn and grow every day, if you aren’t willing to show up, the rewards will NEVER follow. You must adult. You must SHOW UP.

Every. damn. day

Life is this message. Life is giving it all you have to make ONE PERSON better. Make one person believe she belongs. Make one person feel like maybe there’s a God out there that made her on purpose. Make one person believe she can achieve what she dreams in silence. Help one person find her voice and feel confident to use it. Help one person create results in her life that make her feel accomplished and important. Show one person another perspective that opens her eyes to a world full of hope, wonder, and endless possibility.

That is what makes showing up worth it. That is the reason for all the learning and growing and giving it your freakin all. Give and give and give to spark something magical for one person. This is life.

Guys, I’ll ADULT every damn day for messages like this…messages that I may never get again. And that’s okay, because it’s not about the message.

It’s about what happens when you show up.