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My drive to succeed is fueled by an insatiable curiosity and willingness to synthesize the genius of others. In fact, that’s what my whole “Better, Together” approach is about: Everything we need to know to achieve our dreams is out there, we just need to find — and listen to — it.

As we develop our own personal brands of awesomeness, we need to look to others, hear their stories and learn from them. That’s why I love podcasts — it’s an accessible way for folks to share their own wisdom, and I can listen to it during my “down time.” And by “down time” I mean doing laundry, cooking dinner or driving the kids to soccer practice, of course!

Here’s a selection of podcasts that I dig — I highly recommend that you check them out!

One Part Podcast
I love Jessica’s conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space. I’m constantly picking up new ideas and professional approaches based on their experiences.

Sarah Bagley
If anyone is living and breathing the spirit of “Better, Together,” it’s Sarah! In her podcast, she interviews women that inspire her in her own life — from creatives to therapists to entrepreneurs.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur
Everyone’s dream is different, and they’re all amazing. Natalie Sisson’s dream was to run her own business while traveling the world, and she did it! Listen to her tales of living as a digital nomad.

Elise Gets Crafty
This podcast is basically a journey through the process of starting a small business or creative-startup. Featuring both Elise’s experiences and interviews with experts, there’s a lot to love here.

The Introvert Entrepreneur
In a world obsessed with self-promotion, introverts might find it difficult to dive into and build their own personal brands. And that can be a major cause of fear. This podcast provides great tips on how introverts can kick serious ass.

Do you have a podcast that you dig? If so, share away!