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We’ve all met amazing people — they’re shining in their careers, they’re running the PTA, they’re making a positive impact on their community, they’re attracting cool people, they’re living the life that we would die for.

It’s so easy to see people like this, out there killin’ it, that we get discouraged. From the outside, it seems like they’ve got their shit so together, there’s no way you could get even close! But that just ain’t true, love. And here’s why.

What makes those people amazing isn’t their background, or where they live, or how they were raised. Seriously, anyone can be amazing — and, truly, everyone is. The difference between you and the people you think are amazing comes down to these 8 things that define amazing people. Let’s break it down:

Amazing people believe in themselves.

We’re all going to face things in life that we don’t know how to handle, things we don’t know how to do or opportunities we’re not sure we should take. Amazing people, though? These ladies just jump right in! They trust that they’ll be able to figure it out, and make magic happen! They don’t worry about not having enough information, or that they don’t know everything. They accept that they don’t, believe that they eventually will, and then they just do it.

Amazing people don’t believe in bad decisions.

When an amazing person makes a decision, they commit and they’re all in. They give it their best shot! Whether or not the decision works out the way they’d hoped for, it doesn’t matter; they see them as learning opportunities that presented themselves along the way.

Amazing people aren’t afraid of failure.

Not only is an amazing person not afraid of making bad decisions, they’re actually not afraid of making decisions, period. They don’t need to hem and haw, because no matter what the outcome, they don’t view it as a failure. Failing isn’t an issue for them, because they truly believe that everything they do will help them learn and grow.

Amazing people have positive attitudes.

You don’t need to be a saccharine Pollyanna, but seeing the essential beauty in living life goes a long way toward being amazing. The sheer enthusiasm that amazing people have radiates and positively affects those around them. And that’s why people want to connect with them!

Amazing people don’t listen to fears, self-doubt or insecurity.

They don’t sweat the small stuff — and this crap, seriously, is the smallest of small stuff. Amazing people ignore this negative self-talk, and remind themselves that they’re good enough, smart enough and — gosh darn it! — people like them. Okay, maybe they’re not talking to themselves in the mirror, but they do believe they can do anything and that they truly deserve whatever it is that they want in their life.

Amazing people devote time to personal development and growth.

Everyone’s busier than the busiest of bees these days, but amazing people know that they have to carve out time to work on themselves. They know that they can only achieve their goals to the extent that they can personally grow to meet them. They’re regularly caring and feeding the garden of their emotional and intellectual development, because they know that doing otherwise results in hollow victories.

Amazing people surround themselves with amazing people.

Like attracts like, and once you start owning how amazing you are, other amazing people will be attracted to you. And then you’ll all build on each others amazingness until you veritably explode with amazingosity (I swear that’s a word)! You are who you hang out with, so make sure that you’re reaching out to and connecting with other amazing people.

Amazing people encourage others.

Finally, amazing people know that the only way we’re going to do this is if we get better, together. Amazing people don’t spend time tearing others down, judging or picking them apart. They’re also not making themselves feel better by measuring themselves against the perceived faults of others. They’re kicking ass and they’re reminding others how much ass they kick — and it’s a delicious cycle that just keeps getting juicier and juicier. They don’t spare the praise, and that praise is meaningful and authentic. Amazing people grow by helping others grow, and they truly enjoy seeing others succeed.

See how easy it is to be amazing? I bet that, if you look at how you’re living, you’ll probably realize that you’re already doing at least a few of these things. And now that you have this handy guide, it’s time to jump on in and #beamazing!