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I walk a 4 mile loop every morning before most of the world is even awake. It’s dark, incredibly quite, and…did I mention it’s dark? It is one of my favorite parts of my day.

I walked that same loop over the weekend with my daughter, and was surprised by how different that exact same path looks in the light. When I walk in the dark, I can’t see anything but what’s right in front of me, so I keep my focus on taking one step at a time. I can’t see the end destination—only a few lights ahead that guide me and keep me on the right track. With my head down, and the ability to only see a few feet in front of me, I don’t think about how far the destination is…I just keep walking ahead.

Walking with my daughter this weekend, in daylight, was a different experience. I had my eye on the end destination the entire time, and was constantly gauging how far we had left to go. More than a couple times, I found myself thinking “This is taking forever!” I never focused on one foot in front of the other; I was always looking at how far I still had to go to reach the end.

That got me thinking:

This walking in the dark thing is exactly like working toward your dream!

Most people are working towards their dream like they’re walking in daylight. They’re constantly measuring how far they are from the destination, worried about how long it’s taking and thinking they’ll never get to the end.

Dream-chasers and goal-diggers, though, work their dream like they’re walking in the dark. They don’t pay attention to how far they are from the end goal. They keep their heads down, do the work, and take the steps…one in front of the other…steady and surefooted as they move along their journey to success. Their focus is the actions they know will get them to the end. They’re confident that, if they keep walking, keep grinding, keep doing the steady beat every day, they WILL reach their goal.

That’s my challenge to you this week. There is light at the end of that tunnel. I promise. So join me in walking in the dark for a bit?! Let’s power through, one foot in front of the other, together.