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Here’s the deal, peeps.

Freedom comes with a price, and most people aren’t willing to pay it.

Freedom from a desk job
Freedom to do what you want when you want
Freedom to live on your terms
Freedom of time, to spend it how you want
Freedom of finances, to live in PLENTY
Freedom to travel
Freedom to sleep in
Freedom to work from anywhere, anytime

It’s not free. It comes at a price.

Most of us are raised to believe “work” is sitting for 8 hours/day, going home and sitting in front of the TV the rest of the day. Once you’ve put in your time at work, you spend the rest of the time trying to FORGET work. You might think weekends are for letting loose—garage drinking, weekend benders, football on TV for days. Or maybe weekends are just playing all over town: skiing, hiking, biking, whatever. Anything but work unless you’re at work.


What we’re doing here is building a DIFFERENT life. We’re building a NEW MODEL of work, and this is where most people get tripped up. You see, as you build it, this new model to the free life, you have to GIVE UP WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS DONE. You have to give up the “no work after work” mentality. You have to give up endless hours binging on TV. You have to give up the play for 2 days straight weekends.

Because, how else will you build it?

Guys, you have to learn to adapt to this new model to make it your model! If you can bust it out, work your biz when you’re not at work, for 3-5 years, do you understand YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO WORK THAT OLD MODEL EVER AGAIN?

Work for me looks like…an hour here, an hour there. Bursts of time spent every few days. Don’t get me wrong: I work my business every single day. Hear this: I WORK MY BIZ EVERYDAY. But remember, this is the NEW MODEL. I might throw out a few reachouts on Saturday morning before the kids wake up, but then I spend the whole day with them. I’m going to pack up and leave for 5 days for a team retreat. I’ll be staring out at the ocean relaxing and learning, but I will still plug into my team, post to FB, and keep up with my reachouts. This new model will allow you to do absolutely ANYTHING and WHENEVER, but remember…it comes at a price.

Hard work.
Education—LEARN what it takes to live in this new model. Study it. Read about others doing it. Your personal growth game and your business growth game are DIRECTLY RELATED. You can’t grow one without the other.
Trade-off—Short-term trade-offs for long-term gain.

Want to know something I did? I stopped watching TV for TWO YEARS as I grew my business. I traded all that time for working my biz. I stopped garage drinking with friends on Friday nights and traded that time for learning this new way of thinking. I stopped listening to anything…radio, TV, celebrity magazines, stupid movies…that didn’t ENRICH MY LIFE AND MY NEW GOALS.

I think I’ve made my point, peeps!
Bottom line: you WILL reach freedom this way. Every single one of you here has that freedom already set aside for you! It comes down to you: will you learn how to adjust to this new work model, or will you stay comfortable in the one you’re in—that you don’t like—because you’re too afraid to let go of what you have now?
Pay the price. It’s so worth it.