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You’ve got your dreams. They are now staring down at you, inspiring you. But you are still stuck. Why?

In my coaching program, I help you create a mindset to carry you to freedom from alarm clocks, cubicles, debt, and an unfulfilled life. Mindset weaves in and out of everything you do.

Most likely, you’re stuck and frustrated because you’re overthinking it. How many webinars have you watched online now? How many email lists have you opted into… and yet here you are, looking for the secret sauce and hoping I have it! Girlfriends… YOU have the sauce. You’ve learned the skills. You’re stuck because you’re sitting on these skills and not using them. You’re scared, you’re afraid of what people think, you don’t think you’re QUALIFIED… yada yada yada. Am I right?

In entrepreneurship, there are no promotions or titles or big ceremonies that say you’re READY. We are so trained in our country to seek titles that say, “I’m qualified. I’m smart enough. I have the experience.”

Entrepreneurship throws all that nonsense out the window! You know what makes me qualified to sit here and tell you how to design a life you love? Because I’ve DONE IT. It’s that simple. I’ve done it. I simply get to be here, and share this knowledge with you, because I’ve built multiple businesses from the ground up, one of which is a multi-million dollar business that provides us with residual income. I’m simply here because I CHOOSE to be. No one said I was ready. I just decided. See, you’ve got to STOP WAITING FOR PERMISSION to go after what you want! No one’s going to give you a gold star on your name badge and say, “Woman, you’re ready to start your own business!” You just decide you CAN and go for it… How empowering is THAT?!?!

If you are struggling, permission is a great starting point. It helps you get in the right mindset for success and empowerment and belief. But, this is that moment when you have to take a step forward and DO SOMETHING. If there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that you are smart enough to figure it out. Whatever IT is, you can figure it out. Jump in, take that next step, get into ACTION, and BELIEVE that you can do it.

As my favorite she-mentor Marie Forleo says, “Everything is Figureoutable!”

You’ve got some things to figure out, and if you’re like I was 5 years ago, jumping into a new business without a clear road map or guidance, you’re going to need help.

Asking for help is okay. It’s human. Doing it yourself, figuring it out yourself, that’s crazy. Have you ever heard that quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting the same result?” First step to breaking that cycle is giving yourself permission to succeed. Second step is heading back to this here blog and gobbling up all sorts of knowledge I’ve shared. Link arms with me and we can do this together!