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I don’t care who you are, how successful you are, or how big your dreams are, I think everyone everywhere can benefit from working with a coach. We are better together—better when we learn and grow from each other. I am a success coach, and I love every minute of helping people transform their lives and reach their full potential. But you know that old saying, “No one can help you if you won’t help yourself?” That is SO important when coaching is involved.

I can help you create the exact life you want in the way that makes sense to you. You define what freedom looks like for you, I’ve got the roadmap to get you there. But in order for me to successfully do that, I need a few things from you.

Be open. One of the most dangerous and mind CLOSING phrases you can say is “I know.” As in, “yep, I know that already. I knew that. “When you assume you know everything already, it closes your mind and stops you from applying what you’ve heard. It blocks your ability to gain the insight you chose coaching to get. Knowing things is exactly the reason you’re stuck! Knowing is very different from doing, living, and being. It may just be one little thing that you hear in a coaching session that sparks something HUGE for you. Unlocks a key for you, opens the floodgates. You see, I believe for each one of you, there is one.specific.message you are supposed to gain from your coaching sessions. I might not know what that is, but be open to hearing it and applying it to your life.

Show up. We get what we commit to. Coaching requires your commitment, your time, your focus. I know that iPhone is sitting right there and it’s tempting, but it’s not what you need when engaging in a coaching, even if it’s online and you’re hidden behind a screen. Turn your phone off, flip it over so you can’t even see the screen, and close down the other programs on your computer and just…listen. Be fully present, …no agenda, just listen. Your greatest skill as an entrepreneur, future entrepreneur, and business owner is your ability to listen. We use it to understand our customers, our clients, our market, our community…tap into this skill for YOURSELF during coaching sessions.

Get energized. Think positive! BELIEVE you can do this. Believe you can and ARE a successful entrepreneur. Trust that you have everything within you RIGHT NOW to build a life by YOUR design; one with no alarm clocks, if that speaks to you…and one that provides massive impact to those you serve! This is EXCITING stuff! What YOU ARE DREAMING is exciting stuff, and the one thing I want you to hold onto more than anything else is your BELIEF in yourself and your ability to create that dream! If you show up to your coaching session with that kind of energy, there’s no stopping you!

Coaching has been instrumental for me in building the life I want—I built a million dollar organization with a baby on my lap during nap time hours. But getting the most from a coach – any coach – meant following the 3 simple steps I outlined above!