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Leadership is hard. Plain and simple. I see people “leading” every day; the verb itself just means an action is taking place. It says nothing about whether or not that action is effective. You see so few people leading correctly, because correct leadership, that’s what’s hard, peeps.

We throw around the word leader in our business like candy. The minute you have someone under you, your title becomes a Level 1 leader or a Level 2 leader or whatever. By title only, you become a leader. You’re thrust into the position, but that doesn’t always mean you’re actively leading.

From my standpoint, a true leader and the only thing that defines a leader in my book, is a servant leader; someone who serves other. We often become fixated with titles, especially in the direct sales world. And you can slap a leader label on just about anyone, but that doesn’t mean it sticks. It also doesn’t mean it’s worth anything unless you choose to grow into that leadership title through service.

A true leader is someone who encourages others, who leads and inspires through serving others. A true servant leader is someone who pours themselves into the service of others. As a servant leader, you focus on the needs of others, especially team members, before you ever consider your own—you lead with others in mind. It’s the “YOU” not “ME” mentality. Servant leaders cultivate trust and value their team member’s opinions. They genuinely care about the members on their team, not just the bottom line they bring in. And above all, servant leaders are humble. They share their success and drive their team in a respectful way, never believing they are better than the sum of their parts.

If you are not leading in that way, you are not a leader. If you adopt the servant leader mentality, only then will you be a true leader, title be damned.