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As a recruiter, I hear words and phrases like, “saturated,” “everyone I know is already doing it,” and “I feel like I’m late…the people who got in early are already established.”

I get it.

Why is it that people subscribe to this false thinking that being FIRST makes you the BEST? Why is it that when people discover other people doing the same thing they are…writing, blogging, leading, speaking, selling, etc…they tend to think there’s no possible way TWO PEOPLE can do the same exact thing…and succeed?

Why do people say, “Well, if everyone I know is already succeeding at (business coaching, skincare sales, speaking, podcasting, ____________fill in the blank), what could I possibly offer?” When what they should be seeing is an opportunity to do the thing differently, fill a need, and even do it better!

And how about the idea that no one is doing the thing LIKE YOU. In your voice. In your unique, authentic way. Let’s change some thinking, people!

There are thousands and thousands of realtors in your area, and have you ever heard someone say, “You know, there are just too many agents in town here.” NO! I’ve honestly never heard that from a realtor…have you?

Look, when Apple came out with the iPod, MP3 players were already on the market. Lots of them, and for a while. It was nothing new. Apple didn’t come up with the MP3 player FIRST, but they realized they could do it BETTER. The iPad…same thing. Tablets were already on the market. Again, Apple didn’t invent the tablet…they weren’t the first to introduce it to the market. They did, however, make a BETTER tablet.

That’s the difference, my friends. Be the Apple. Look around at people doing what you do, making what you make, creating what you create, and ask yourself…

How can I do it BETTER? How can I STAND OUT. How can I improve on what’s out there and make this my own?

Keep in mind…you may not rock the BEST like Apple did, and that’s okay. What you’ll do, though, is rock the BEST to those around you who were looking for that very improvement you made, or that unique perspective you offered, or that small change in innovation you created.

In today’s marketplace…you at your best IS the best, and there are thousands of people looking for YOU today. The trick is showing up. The trick is putting yourself out there in a way that people can find you. Don’t shrink. Don’t hesitate. Don’t fail to show up because you fear you have nothing to offer. YOU DO.

As Seth Godin would say, “We need you to lead us.”