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I started my first business as a former teacher turned Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), with no business background, no network, and very little confidence.

I often wonder how in the world I got this far! Looking back at my journey, it becomes clear that I got here one step at a time, one goal at a time and one confidence boost at a time.

Somewhere during along the way to becoming the success I am today, someone told me that every great and successful person started off an amateur. Steve Jobs started Apple in his garage and at some point, Michael Jordan couldn’t lift a basketball, let alone shoot it! This has always stuck with me and been a reminder that being great takes time, dedication, discipline, and growth.

When I started my business, I had a lot to learn.

Somewhere in life, people have been misled. Or they’ve acquired misguided expectations about working towards a goal. Our world is based on immediate gratification: pop a potato in the microwave and POOF! It’s done to perfection in 3 minutes; type a term into Google and get an instant answer.

Success, though, needs a whole lot more than 3 minutes. Yet so many people stop trying, stop learning, stop growing after 3 minutes’ worth of effort towards their worthy goal.The time it takes to realize that goal is undetermined; you simply work towards

The time it takes to realize that goal is undetermined; you simply work towards it UNTIL:

  • completed
  • mastered
  • understood
  • learned
  • noticed
  • recognized

I didn’t know then how long it would take for me to succeed in that first business and I didn’t know what SUCCESS would look like. What I did know was that I could figure anything out with the right instruction book, the right mentors and the right attitude. I got to work learning what I needed to know to move my business forward.

Confidence comes in accomplishing small steps and sticking with it until completed. Growth comes in the discipline and persistence.Ready to start down your path towards success? Reach out!

Ready to start down your path towards success? Reach out!