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Creating balance is always important and often difficult to achieve. Never more so than during the Christmas season; there are more tasks to do, projects to complete, events to attend, gatherings to plan and…well, the list goes on and on. You’re up to your eyeballs in it!

I’ve found a few key things to keep in mind all December long, that help me to stay grounded, less-stressed, and more productive. Remember, a Life by Design is all about INTENTION and being purposeful with your life. Here are 5 ways to create and maintain a holiday season that’s filled with balance, joy, and action!

  1. Identify your big business opportunities: December is one of biggest months for sales volume and growth potential for almost any entrepreneur and business owner. The biggest mistake I see business owners make is assuming that consumers are too tight on cash to make purchases in December. It’s the opposite, really; wallets are wide open this month, and people are spending more that normal! Look for ways to create a “right now” purchase! What can you offer right now that’s special or won’t last long? Create a holiday package or a limited-time offer; something timely that’s a no-brainer for your customers or clients! People ARE spending money right now, so make sure it’s with you!
  2. Don’t skip your routine: The holiday season makes a good excuse to skip on routines, especially the healthy eating and exercise routines. Don’t fall into this trap of making excuses. Eating well, drinking lots of water, and exercising are an important part of my life every day, but I tend to kick it up a notch in December. There’s nothing worse that starting the new year feeling fluffy, exhausted, and unmotivated! My biggest secret to staying productive, happy, and balanced all December long is making my health a non-negotiable. I schedule my exercise like I do an important meeting: it goes on my calendar in pen, and once it’s on there, there’s no re-scheduling! With all the extra sugar on hand (which is my biggest downfall), all the extra parties and events, and all the extra tasks on our to-do lists, the chance of falling sick with exhaustion and sugar-overload run high. Don’t let yourself wind up with a run-down system; be proactive, stick to your routine, and live as healthy as possible. Take daily walks, eat your produce, stay hydrated, and get your sleep!
  3. Look ahead to the new year: Now is the time to be setting goals for the coming year, and planning ahead for what you’ll need to make them happen! Be ready to run January 1 with your goals and action plan so you can hit the ground running, not scrambling to figure out your first move! This time of year, I’ve already set my goals for the coming year, and have started putting action plans in place. Just the act of having future goals sets my mind on reaching them, and I find it’s a great way to get a head-start. While most people, for example, might say, “Diet begins on Monday!” my mind is already thinking and planning that diet strategy, and I’m starting to put things in place the weekend ahead. With a clear vision of your goals, your mind can focus on how to achieve them!
  4. Create margins: In a busy season like Christmas, most people forget to create margins in their day; blank space. Room for nothing. I’m a girl who needs down-time every day just to hear my own thoughts and connect with my internal needs and desires. Like healthy eating and exercise, margin is another non-negotiable in my day. I create space for reading, journaling, devotionals, meditation, NAPPING…downtime that helps nourish my mind and refresh my energy levels. Nothing drains a woman like the go-go-go mentality, and ladies…we’ve got to take care of ourSELVES first! If you’re new to margin, and making it a priority, ease into it. Downtime can be unsettling for highly productive, accomplishment-orientated people like us! It’s okay to do nothing, and actually, you need it.
  5. Your words create your reality: I find the holiday season to be torture on my anxious mind, and if I’m not careful, I can fall into BELIEVING the story I tell myself about it: The holidays are STRESSFUL. I don’t LIKE the holidays. The holidays STEAL MY JOY because of all the consumerism and expectations and expenditures! When I find myself voicing these out loud, and even more importantly THINK these thoughts, I catch myself and turn it around. I journal and pray each morning, and I work to use those first moments of my day to fill my mind with INTENTIONAL thoughts that I want to become my reality. This month, I’m speaking intentions like:This month is full of opportunities and I’m making the most of it.

I have time I need to do the important things. The rest can wait.
Christmas is about giving and honoring our faith. I am about that.
I nourish my body with lots of water, and healthy foods. Sugar does not own me!
I am filled with peace and life and have time today to be still.

How do you stay balanced? What are YOUR tips for a balanced, joyful holiday season?

Just remember, this season is beautiful; it’s abundant, and it’s magical. Make the most of it, my friends!