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So leadership…Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t know if I have what it takes to be a good leader” or “I don’t know if I have the time to devote myself to a team”? Guess what? You do have what it takes!

First, understand that these hesitations come from fear based thinking. Let’s talk about fear for a second. Biologically, fear is meant to protect you, especially from physical harm. But when it comes to your business, fear is sabotaging your success. It’s sabotaging your efforts to reach out to people, to recruit, to serve others. When you operate from that fear space, you feel stuck. There’s no progress.

Here’s the thing about fear based thinking…it has you worrying about a future that hasn’t even happened yet! And the thing is when you don’t see the progress you get worried, depressed, etc. It’s not the actual achievement that builds confidence. It’s the progress towards that achievement. So, that fear-based thinking stops you from making progress. It feels AWFUL!

Fear has you worrying not just about the HOW of doing something…it stops you from even trying because you’re not sure of the results. Think about this: if you’re a parent, you brought a brand new child home from the hospital. Did you have any clue how that was going to work out? NOPE! At some point, you had to face the fears and do the actions to become the parent you wanted to be. It’s the same thing in business.

You WILL figure it out. Don’t worry about the future. Do what you can TODAY. Each little step is progress. And that’s your challenge today and every day – make small progress without thinking about the future. You have no way to control it or any idea what it will look like.

TODAY and EVERY DAY. Take ACTIONS. You’ll figure out all the other stuff along the way. Think about ONE action you can take today to make progress in your business? And don’t just do this exercise today. Ask yourself this question every day. And every single day take that action! You’ll wind up creating your future. I promise.