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This year.

THIS. Year.

This year will be different, you say.

All your thoughts, all your dreams, all your hopes are wrapped up in some sort of CHANGE you want to make happen in your life this year.

Am I right?

What you need is guidance – someone to help you bridge that gap between where you are right now and where you want to go.

What you need is a roadmap to help you get from Point A to Point B, with directions for what route to take, how long it will take, and what obstacles or challenges you might meet along the way. And maybe a compass to make sure you’re staying on track.

What you need is a navigator: someone riding shotgun with you and helping you see what’s up ahead or around that corner and advising you on when to accelerate and when to break, or when to switch gears all together. Maybe even when it’s time to switch cars or replace things that are getting worn out.

This year can be different for you. You don’t have to spend another January dreaming and scheming a complete life change that you never make happen, because you didn’t know how.

This year can be the year you get that guidance. This year can be the year you get that road map. This year can be the year you get that navigator.

I’ll tell you a secret: you don’t need to know HOW to make your goals a reality. You just have to take deliberate, intentional, consistent movements forward. Every day. Yes, every day.



Take the course.

Buy the coaching program.

Go to the conference.

Meet the people who’ve already done it.

Put yourself out there.

Immerse yourself in the goal, the idea, the PERSON you’re working to become.

Nothing happens without movement. Be the movement. Be your change. Take initiative.

And by all means, find yourself an experienced and encouraging navigator!

(If you don’t know where to look, I can help!)