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I haven’t always been a goal-oriented person.

Well, let me back up, because that’s not actually true. I’ve always worked towards goals, and I can say with confidence that I HAVE always been goal-oriented, but…

What I haven’t always done is write down goals, set a time frame to achieve them, and make them measurable and attainable. THAT is different than simply saying “I want to grow my business as MUCH AS POSSIBLE this year!” and not having any way to measure “as much as possible.”

I digress, but are you following me?

My point is this:

The biggest fatal flaw I see entrepreneurs make in setting goals for their life and business is the failure to make anything measurable. Without measurability, it’s impossible to track progress or determine if the goal has truly been reached.

I train thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. As I was walking clients through the process of setting 2017 goals a few weeks back, I noticed one glaring similarity that almost every woman shares when putting goals to paper – ambiguity.

Their goals lack clarity. They lack focus. They lack the ability to determine if they’ll ever be met. Let me show you a sampling of what these goals looked like at first:10

  • I want to make as much money as possible.
  • I want to grow my business.
  • I want to develop more confidence.
  • I want to quit my day job.
  • I want to be able to spend more time with my family.

Do you see this fatal flaw in these rough-draft goals? The problem is, most people’s rough draft goals become their final drafts, and then they wonder why nothing changes…year after year with the same result. No change.

How would you like THIS YEAR to be THE year for you and your business?

How would you like to set goals and CRUSH them? CRUSH. THEM.

How would you like to be one of those women who others look at and think, “This girl has it all together?”

Here’s one simple switch you can make to your rough draft goals to make them attainable and achievable: quantify the goal. Quantify the goal so that it has a definite point of accomplishment with a date attached. For instance, using the rough draft goals from above, let me show you how we can quantify them and transform them into goals we can run toward, with focus and intention, and know exactly when they’ve been achieved:

  • I will to make $500,000 in gross profits this year.
  • I will to grow my customer base by 25% in the next 3 months.
  • I will develop confidence in my presentation skills so that I can feel polished and articulate in front of others.
  • I will make $6,000/month in my side gig by the end of the year so that I can quit my day job and work my side gig full-time.
  • I will devote 1 night/week to Family Night, and will begin creating that tradition and habit today.

Now that you know how to create measurable goals, you’ll find that your ability to set and achieve goals will greatly increase and you’ll gain confidence in yourself to reach for higher and higher goals in the future.

Tell me this, friends, what’s that one MEASURABLE goal you have in your head since reading this post? Share in the comments below and let us cheer you on!