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So many people put their life on hold trying to FIT. You spend countless hours studying those you wish to be like. Maybe you’re even a little (or a lot) jealous of them. By now, you know more about them than you do about yourself. You know their dreams, but you’ve lost sight of your own. You’ve spent so long focusing on others that you’ve stifled yourself. Now you’re not sure who you are…and even if you did know, you’d be too afraid to strive for your dreams. You do NOT have to live this way. Life is meant for LIVING. For DREAMING. For taking RISKS and LEARNING.

Dig deep. DREAM. Hold on to the dream. That dream. That dream you’re holding in your mind…It’s POSSIBLE. To achieve it, you need to be willing to take risks.

So many people spend their whole lives raising and family and earning a living. They stop growing; they stop dreaming. They stop stretching and pushing themselves. This is not TRULY living.

Instead – DARE TO DREAM. Dare to take the risks to achieve your dreams. Look setbacks in the face and say “thanks for the lesson.” And then KEEP going. Keep GROWING.

In the words of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

If you can’t fly, run.

If you can’t run, walk.

If you can’t walk, crawl.

But by all means, keep moving.

Overcome your FEAR. Changing your life is up to YOU. Ride the waves of progress and disappointment. Deeply KNOW that YOU CAN live the life of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to succeed. Embrace your success and shout it from the rooftops.

Share your success with others to help them make a difference. That drive, that will to grab life by the horns, to succeed is what got me to where I am today. When I released my fear and embraced all that life had for me, I created my ideal life. Now, I share those tools to help YOU design your life.

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