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I’ll tell you…

You know those friends who seem to have it all put together? Their lives seem totally in order? She has the life, the job, the clothes, etc. It seems like a secret sauce and you WANT it. You want it so badly that you follow all her posts, you follow her every move trying to figure out what it is she has that makes her life so…so AWESOME.

I’ll tell you what it is AND how YOU can have it too. It comes down to two things. ACTION and FOLLOW THROUGH. They sound simple, right? This isn’t just in business. This is in EVERYTHING. Cleaning your house, eating healthy, losing weight…EVERYTHING.

Most people don’t have action or follow through. Especially not follow through. Why? Because follow through requires PERSISTENCE. Persistence is required for success.

Whether it’s a job, a marriage or anything else without persistence, nothing happens. Action may be taken, but it stalls out without the PERSISTENCE necessary to create FOLLOW THROUGH. With persistence comes the completion of the small, mundane things necessary to be successful…

Picking up the phone, going to networking events, going for a workout…even when you don’t feel like it! Especially when you don’t feel like it!

As you’re looking at those people with the secret sauce and feeling jealous take a look at YOUR actions. Are you acting with intention and follow through? Are you acting with persistence? OR are you starting things and not finishing them? Do you take the time to email or call that prospect you know you should? Do you go to the gym or find ways to put it off?

This secret sauce is YOURS to create! There’s no magic bullet that’s going to change it for you, BUT you can change YOUR actions and develop persistence and follow through. It starts by taking the action today. And then taking it again tomorrow…and the next day…and the day after that.

You don’t see the monotony and daily grind those people with the secret sauce go through. You see their SUCCESS and that’s what you want. To get it, you have to go through the same monotony and daily grind – that’s the secret to success. That’s what SHE has that you CAN have. One day, one action, one follow through at a time.