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You know that to do anything big, anything amazing you need a team. Your team will share the load and help bring that vision to life. They’ll help push that vision forward and make it a reality. As leaders, there are three different ways we can share that load. As you read through them, think about how you’re delegating your tasks and how that’s working for your team.

The first way you, as a leader can share a load is by dumping. Dumping is all about the leader. You’re overwhelmed and stressed and want to get rid of it, so you dump it into someone else’s lap. Think about how that must feel. Your loyal team is now left with the weight you were carrying. You just made your burden someone else’s. It’s not helpful in developing others – which is ultimately your role as a leader – but it is a tactic many people use.

The second way leaders can share the load is by delegating. This is a popular buzzword, right? With delegating, you’re still unloading your burdens, but with a plan. You’re sitting down with your team and giving the tasks to the right people in a strategic way. This is a great tactic, but it’s still about you – the leader – needing to unload.

The third way leaders can share the load, and this is my personal favorite, is by developing. With this method, the mindset of the leader and the team is one of “we’re all in this together.” The leader works to share the load with other people in a way that develops them and helps them grow into their strengths, their role of genius. The thought process is about how to train your team to be more effective. With developing, you’re still “unloading” tasks, but it’s not all about YOU – it’s about growing your team members to be incredible in their own right.

I got these three methods from John Maxwell, who’s one of my favorite gurus in the leadership space. It’s important we all remember that leadership is about developing others, NOT about successfully bringing one project or another to completion. Leadership and management are not the same things. Leadership is about SERVICE. Management is about the PROJECT.

Think about how you’re interacting with your team to complete projects. Are you a LEADER who’s working to develop the individuals on your team or are you dumping with the goal of managing the project to completion?