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Overcoming a bad day.

You know those days…you wake up crabby as can be, and you can’t figure out WHY. Nothing happened, you just feel yucky….

Or you came home from work, and same thing…you’re feeling funky and irritable.

Or you’ve spent all day with your kids, and by mid-day, you’re crabby.

Bottom line: you’re in a bad mood.

A friend shared an article with me last week about overcoming a bad day, thinking it would be a great topic to share here…and she’s right. I never opened the article, but it go my wheels turning because being crabby…being in a bad mood…It happens to all of us.

So how do you get OUT of it?

3 things…I’ve got three steps for you anytime you’re in a bad mood.

And honestly, these are MY steps. These are steps I’ve learned to implement in my own life because let’s face it…ain’t nobody got time to be a bad mood!

I think the first thing to understand is what it is that CAUSED your funky attitude. For most of us, a bad attitude comes from not getting what we want…or not feeling like you’re in control of the situation.

Think about it: you wanted your husband to take that trash out WITHOUT you having to ask. For ONCE!

You wanted just one single minute ALONE while home with your kids today.

You had an expectation of how that call would go, or that sales pitch, or that meeting, and it didn’t go your way at all.

So you get pissy.

This all boils down to the expectation you planted in your head about how you wanted your day/life/minute to go, and you didn’t get your way.

So we get pissed. Cranky. Upset.

And then…once that crankiness sets in, we start seeing ALL the ways we aren’t getting what we want: why do I have to be the one to always feed the dog? Why can’t my coworker pull his share for once? Why can’t I do a single thing right?

It’s the downward spiral…you know the one, right?

So the trick is getting out of your mood before you even get near that spiral..because it will grab you by the ankle and pull you and everyone around you in it.

So step 1…Identify what set you off. Recognize you didn’t get your way or aren’t in control of the situation,

And LET IT GO. Step 2. Let it go. You’re going to have to coach yourself on this one…remind yourself that you can’t get what you want every time, but that doesn’t mean you’re terrible or awful or a failure.
Remind yourself that

And step 3…Focus on the good. This will take work, and to keep yourself from the downward spiral, you might need to overcompensate and REALLY spend some time here. And if you can’t do that, then distract yourself with something positive that you love doing.

Go for a walk.
Grab lunch with uplifting friends.
Create something with your hands.

And let yourself enjoy NOT thinking about funky stuff!

I want to hear from you though…because like I said…these are MY steps for getting out of a funk. What helps you?