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Who remembers the sitcom, Seinfeld? The big joke was that it was a show about nothing. Simple, right? Humor about the mundaneness that is everyday life. The Seinfeld strategy is just as simple. It helps you build daily habits to reach your goals.

People are always asking me for the secret sauce. They want to know how I got here. The truth is, that secret sauce is so basic, it’s easy to miss. It’s consistency and persistence. You do the small, daily habits day in and day out. They’re so small, they’re easy to overlook.

It’s like brushing your teeth. You already know you need to do it or risk a visit with the dentist’s drill. So, every day, twice a day, you brush your teeth. It’s a small thing, with a big benefit.

When there are obstacle or challenges, you keep doing it. If you forget your toothbrush on an overnight trip, you buy one or ask the hotel front desk to provide one. You don’t skip brushing your teeth.

It’s the same thing in business. Small, daily habits done consistently, whatever the challenges, lead to long-term success. This is the idea behind the Seinfeld Strategy.

If you’re in a new season or phase of life and your schedule is changing, you need to either build new habits or remain consistent with the existing ones. In the case of Jerry Seinfeld, he wanted to be a better comic, which meant having better jokes. He knew that to do that, he had to write every day.

His method was to mark a big red X on a calendar each day after he wrote. Over time, it became a chain of red Xs. When you do this, you’ll see that over time, you become reluctant to break that chain. So, you do your daily task and mark off the X to keep the chain going.

It’s about the ACTION. The daily habits that get stacked on top of each other in a string of red Xs that bring about the success.

For you, today, think about those daily habits you KNOW you need to develop. Figure out that daily ACTION, grab a calendar and a red marker and get started using the Seinfeld method to create your personal win. Or grab this free template calendar here.