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We’re deep into January. The gym is still crowded from those who made “go to the gym 5 times a week” a New Year’s Resolution and if you’re one of those who’s made commitments to yourself and your goals, I applaud you, girl. 👏

But as you probably know about me by now. . . I’m all about the goals the other 11 months of the year too.

I’ve learned 4 things that I know for sure about success in business and in life. I’ve learned each of these in my journey as an entrepreneur, a business owner, a leader, and a human trying to live her best life.

  1. It’s all about the BURPEES.If you’re not already painfully aware of what this slightly horrific 😂(but highly effective) workout move is, a burpee is where you jump up, hit the floor, do a pushup, and jump back up. That sequence is one single burpee. In the world of CrossFit, the burpee is the mainstay because they get results. But we’re talking 50 or more of these in a session. Ugh! No one likes them. . . because burpees suck. Big time.They’re exhausting and monotonous.BUT. . . they’re also the thing that brings you to that next level of fitness you’re after if you’re doing CrossFit in the first place. The burpees bring the cardiovascular fitness, the physique, and the strength that we want!

    So, here’s the thing. . . in business and in life, we have to do the burpees.

    Whatever that potentially exhausting and monotonous thing is in your life that gets you to the next level. . . you have to actually do it. Consistently.

    It’s possible to make it easier by learning to love the process – what, Heather? How can I love burpees?! (Remember. Substitute “burpees” with that challenging monotonous activity that propels you forward.) You don’t have to love the burpees themselves. But love every moment of you being a badass who does them without complaining. Love that you’ve accepted that they have to be done day in and day out and find joy in THAT…and this leads me to my second principle of success.

    2. It’s all about the COMMITMENT.

    You know the saying “Fortune favors the Brave”? Well, I’d like to add to that. Success rewards the Committed.

    Success rewards the Committed.

    Just like you get that fit trim body over time, you also develop the success and the life you want over time. You can’t do 100 burpees in one day and BOOM! have the rockin’ body of your dreams. You have to do them every day, over time. Success is your reward for doing whatever the burpee is in your life over and over again. It’s the commitment to those activities over time that bring the boomsauce!

    When you commit, Life, Success, and the Universe reward you.

    3. It’s not about SETTING GOALS. It’s about WORKING towards them.

    I have countless goals I haven’t reached. Honestly, I probably haven’t reached 95% of the goals that I set for myself. And that’s okay.

    Because it’s not about necessarily hitting the goal (and it’s definitely not about setting the goal); it’s about having something to work towards.

    If we’re not challenged, if we just hit everything the minute we want to, what are we even learning or experiencing in life? Allow yourself to work towards something without the expectation of an instant outcome. Most people want immediate gratification, but that’s not how life works. You can’t just stick success in the microwave for 90 seconds and pull it out ready to go. Again, release the emotional attachment to the result but attach to the commitment, and learn to get comfortable with the whole process, the journey, and the learning that happens on your way to meeting that goal.

    4. It’s all about the DECISION.

    I know this for sure, my friend. It’s all about making that decision.

    Make a decision and back it up with belief.

    One decision backed by belief – belief in yourself, in your right to have success, in the universe to provide you with it, in your ability to learn everything you need along the way – is all that you need to drive you to success (even wild success!) and to achieving your goals.

    And speaking of working towards goals, making decisions, and making the commitment to yourself, you are invited to join me in our next Level Up Challenge! But it’s not about signing up. You have to DO THE WORK. It takes work to go inside and sit quietly to ask yourself what you really want and need out of your life. And then taking ACTION.

    Keep growing, learning, and doing the burpees. . .