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I hear this a lot – and I bet you feel it a lot. “I just need the motivation” or “I’m not feeling motivated.” Actors and actress talk about their character’s motivation to help them take on the part and make it come alive. Here’s the thing about motivation, it’s actually super easy to get motivated, but most people won’t do it because it’s easier to get pulled into the distractions.

Motivation comes and goes. You have moments of super high productivity because you’re feeling it. You’re pumped and no matter what the task is you’re gonna crush it. Then, that motivation fades a bit and that same activity or task you were crushing last week, you now want nothing to do with it. Now what?

Here’s the thing. You CREATE your own motivation. It’s not something you have to go look for or have come to you. You make it yourself through discipline. I know…that’s an ugly word to a lot of people, but the fact is that’s how you get it done no matter what.

Discipline is all about setting up a structure so you’re doing the things you need to do day after day, week after week, no matter what. When you have that structure in place, doing the work, no matter your mood, is easier.

Let me give you an example. Like many of you, I work from home. People have this impression that it’s super laid back and that I can wake up whenever I want, stay in my jammies all day, and take hours for lunch any time I feel like it. It’s true I COULD…BUT if I did that, I wouldn’t be as successful. Why? Because they’re spending time doing other things, rather than working towards their goals.

I’ve been working from home for 7 years. I wake up by 4:30 so I have to get to the gym and be fully dressed by 7am. For me, this routine is part of my daily discipline to create my motivation and get everything done to reach my goals. Being dressed and ready for the day means you’re confident and ready to tackle anything and everything.

Bottom line, creating the motivation to reach your goals requires you to set up discipline and routine in your life.