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I could talk about goals all day long! It’s super easy to set goals and then feel defeated and frustrated if you don’t hit them at the end of the month. Guess what? There’s a reason you’re not hitting your goals and I’m going to tell you what it is and how to fix it!

There’s two things going on when you don’t make your goals. I see this with my team and with my clients. First, there’s the discouragement when you don’t make your goals. Second, is the reason why you’re not hitting your goals – fear.

There are two types of people:

  • One – those who are setting huge, lofty goals
  • Two – those who aren’t setting goals because they don’t others to see them fail

Both types of people can set goals, and reach them when they set appropriate, reasonable goals. Here’s how to do that.

Most people are setting OUTCOME GOALS. Things like, I want to get x title, make x number of sales, grow my team by x number of people. Those are all based on a desired result. The problem with outcome goals is that you don’t have an ACTION goal to get there. You can want those outcomes, but you need a plan with actions to get there.

Let’s say your goal is to recruit two new people by the end of the month. But you’re not sharing your business with lots of people…You need to have ACTIONS to meet an outcome. I get it, we’re taught from an early age that goals are about an outcome.

Throw all that training out the window and set ACTIVITY goals instead. That outcome is your VISION, your target. But the goals need to be activity based because you can actually control those results. Those activities, done regularly and with discipline will lead you to the vision, the outcome you want. I promise!

And here’s another cool thing, when you get to the end of the week, you know right away if you met, exceeded, or missed your goal. And because you’re in control of it, you can hit it every time. When you do, you raise your confidence, your sense of accomplishment and pride.

Pro tip: make sure your activity goal has a number attached because you need to measure it. “I’m going to meet as many people as I can this week” is not measurable. How will you know you’ve met it? Instead, try “I’m going to meet 10 new people this week.” Then you can measure it.

And don’t forget – if you can already do it, it’s not a goal it’s an action. Just go do it! Goals should stretch you, push you, help you grow. So set action goals that seem a little bit tough (or a lot tough) and then go get ‘em girl!