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Early in my career, I started working with a success coach who taught me about intention. As many of you know, I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions, I pick a word and make my year about that word. Perhaps intention can be your word for the coming year? My year of intention was immensely powerful.

There’s a HUGE difference between a goal and an intention. Let me explain. A goal is a target. An INTENTION is like it’s as a good as done, you just need to put in the work to finish it. If you think about anything that’s a time waster – like TV. If you look at it as an intention, like “I’m going to watch this show or movie today” it becomes an enjoyable experience – one you look forward to rather than a waste of time.

An intention is stronger. It’s a statement of will rather than a goal, which is a statement of desire. There’s power in that difference – immense power. And part of that power is actually hitting goals you never even thought you’d set, breaking free of old, fear-based patterns and leveling up your live.

So, think about how are you running your day, your week with intention? What are those things that you 100% INTEND to complete?

When I first started to work on being intentional with my work, my words, my actions, my plans, that’s when my efficiency took off and I started to get a lot more done. We both know that you can sit down and make a to do list, but how much of that will roll over to tomorrow?

What if instead, you look at your to do list and say “I INTEND to do x, y, and z tasks today.” How will that raise your productivity and ability to get stuff done? Off the chart, right?

I encourage you to incorporate intention into your life and watch how things change.