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How many of you struggle with insomnia? I have for YEARS. It’s crazy how early I’ll wake up and not fall back to sleep. Recently, though, I’ve learned there’s a lot of lessons with insomnia, too.

Honestly, some of my best ideas happen when I can’t sleep and my energy for finding out new things and attacking new goals comes when the rest of the world is sound asleep. Rather than lying in bed for hours and hours praying for sleep that doesn’t come, I get up and seize the moment.

Here’s what I know for sure about sleep, insomnia, and productivity after going through this routine FOREVER. What your mind things, your body will follow. When I first had trouble sleeping, I’d wind up with loads of anxiety. I’d watch the clock and get stressed out because of how few hours of sleep I’d had.

And you know what, in the morning all those fears about how tired I’d be because of a sleepless night would come true.

At some point, I realized that my body wakes up when it wakes up. If I needed more sleep, my body would still be asleep. So, when I wake up, I don’t worry about what society says is the right amount of sleep or that society thinks I’m on a crazy train to be awake and functioning at 3:30 in the morning. My body and brain are ready to go – so I go.

Instead of trying to control what you want your body today, rewire the scripts and control your thoughts. Accept your body is ready and prepare yourself to have an amazing day, no matter what the hour.

If you’re like me, small amounts of sleep don’t hurt my day. I have a great morning and evening routine where I take care of myself body, mind, and spirit. Everything else stems from that.

Here’s the key: focus on how you want to feel and get your mind focused on producing that in real life.