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My business, like many others, is relationship driven. Month-end there’s a lot of energy surrounding hitting those goals and making those sales numbers. It’s crazy, fun, and exciting. At the start of the new month, how you felt at the end of the pervious one carries over. So, if you’re waking up feeling disappointed, frustrated, upset you didn’t hit your goals last month, this post is for you! I’ve got three actions you can take right now to set yourself and your team up for massive success this month. Ready?

Failing moves your forward. In my career, I’ve missed more goals than I’ve hit. Thomas Edison said something like it took him 10,000 failures before he made the first light bulb. Understand, missing goals, failing, is about the lesson and moving forward with what you’ve learned. That being said, here are the three things you can do TODAY.

  1. Honor where you’re at. Honor your feelings. It’s really easy to get busy, to tell yourself you shouldn’t feel this way and that you should be grateful for all you do have. Now, I’m not saying you should be grateful, but you also need to allow yourself to feel that not meeting your goals hurt. It stings. You’re disappointed or feeling lost. It is OKAY to feel this way. Feel it – allow yourself to do that – and then get right back up. Don’t wallow. Honor your feelings and then learn from them.
  2. Take ownership. Look at what your role was in not hitting that goal. It can be really easy to say “I didn’t hit my goal because my team didn’t do _____.” That may or may not be true, but if you’re leading a team, you need to own your part in why they didn’t perform. Did you recruit the right people? Did you give them what they needed to succeed? Were you consistent and persistent? Are there skills you need to learn? Take ownership and write it down. Reflect on it. You determine your success, no one else.
  3. Get busy. What do you need to do TODAY to ensure that the end of this month is better than the previous one? What can you do RIGHT NOW so that even if you fall short of your goals, you’ll know you’ve done everything you could? There are ALWAYS things you can read or learn, contacts you can make, etc. to move you forward. There are no breaks with this. So get busy!