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Do you love Facebook or totally hate it? What about the people around you? Here’s the thing, whether you love it or hate, your feelings about Facebook have nothing to do with the product itself. Instead, it’s about the EXPERIENCE. When people pull up their Facebook profile, what experience are they having with YOU?

Their feelings aren’t about “Facebook is a waste of time” or any other commonly said reasons people give for why they dislike Facebook. Each one of those statements can be traced back to HOW people are using Facebook and the experience you’re giving them.

As someone who’s using Facebook with the intention of creating an impact, your goal is to inspire, to motivate, share things of value. So when you hear things like “Facebook is a waste of time” you need to understand that it’s about the quality of what they’re seeing when the login and scroll through their newsfeed.

The truth is that most Facebook users aren’t thoughtful about it. They’re not using it with intention. They’re sharing what they want to share without regard for what other people may want to see. That type of content is what makes people feel like it’s waste of time.

For YOU – someone who’s an influencer, or striving to be an influencer – you need to think about how to create and share meaningful and enjoyable content. In my experience, this comes down to two things.

First – people want engagement. Social media is SOCIAL – it’s about making connections. You need to interact and create posts that inspire interactions. Don’t just post content and take what you get from it. GIVE! Find out what other people are looking for, how you can help them, and post about that. And don’t forget, people, come to social media to be entertained. Give them something that stimulates them in some way – makes them think, makes them laugh, makes them feel good. Be someone’s bright light in their scroll through negativity and “waste of time” posts.

So today, I challenge you – think about how you will use Facebook with intention. How will you create and share content that inspires others? How will you be that bright spot in someone’s day?