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Social media is a great way to boost popularity and sales regardless of what your business is. The message that you are trying to strategically communicate to people by way of Facebook can be done simply but in many cases you can utilize some simple methods to be a better leader and communicator. There are three basic questions you should ask yourself before making a Facebook or social media post so let’s take a look at these three questions and discuss:

1. Who Are You?
It may seem like a simple question but who you are and what you are about should be really clear to people whether they already know you or not. If somebody is checking you out for the first time and they can’t quickly determine who you are and what you stand for then they’ll move on and find someone else to give their business and time to. Take a little bit of time and think about the message you want to convey and how you want to get that across to people in a short amount of time and at first glance.

2. What Do You Do?
We’re not talking about your business title or your job position but more about what you do to help others, serve others, how you help people in their lives. This is how people will determine whether or not they think you would benefit them in their lives. Let’s be clear with our business and what message do we want to deliver in order to generate a client base and followers. You may need to make some changes along the way to be more clear and concise but that’s all part of the learning process.

3. Why Should People Care?
You may have the best intentions and the best ideas but if nobody cares about it you’re not going to be successful. Your passion is important but there needs to be a market that you are trying to appeal to. People need to know and want to know what you can do for them to make them a better person, to make their life simpler, to help them deal with an issue that they are facing. You need to have people who share your vision.

Facebook users are currently sharing so many posts on a daily basis in both good ways and bad. While you want people to share your name and your business, you don’t want your page to be all about sharing what other people have said. You need to have your own voice and speak out regarding what you think is important. If you share something be sure to explain why you did so but in general, come up with your own content and thoughts. Be clear on what your message is and share it with the world.