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If there’s one streak of genius that I possess then it lies in my organizational skills and time-saving ability.

If you are as obsessed with ‘achieving’ as I am, then you need to just somehow create and free up time for yourself to get things done.

The strategy that ticks this box for me is called BATCHING! This is a potentially life-changing strategy if implemented properly and it has brought me results to show for it.

You would know how easy it is to lose focus in the business world when you are handling multiple things at a time; all the more when you have to go through the ‘start-stop situation’ where you have to do the same thing over and over again every day albeit in bits and pieces.

Batching helps you to just chuck this ‘start-stop situation’ out of the window and get more organized and save time.

To give you an example of my life, I spend my Sunday afternoons preparing my social media posts. And not just for the day but for the entire week! If I’d sit in front of my computer every day organizing my social media post for the day, it would take me a lot of time every single day because I would probably not be prepared for it. It takes time to get the juices flowing you know!

So once I take up a task at hand (like say cooking), I do it in multiple batches such that it’d last me for a while and I don’t need to bother about it again for some time.

I am not implying anywhere that you could adapt to this strategy like a fish to water! But you can just slot it in one task at a time.

Like, say, instead of checking your emails at the drop of a hat, determine 2 or 3 timeslots in the day where you’d check all your emails and reply to those necessary. You’d find out the results yourself!

Batching is absolutely vital for you if you wish to be an achiever and influencer. This is the single most beneficial and easily applicable strategy for you if you spend most of your time whining about how TIME-STARVED you are.

It has worked wonders for me and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t for you!