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As you read this, think about the most successful person you know. They’re successful in the way YOU define success – someone you would change lives with.

Ultimately, you want to same success and feelings of accomplishment that they have. It all goes back to your mindset. Here’s the thing my friends, there’s one question you can ask yourself to get yourself in the right mindset to have that same level of success.

Before I tell you what it is, let me show you when you’ll use it.

Let’s say you’re worried you don’t have enough education or training – would the most successful person you know let that stand in their way?

No matter what you fear is. Ask yourself if the most successful person you know would be concerned about it. If the answer is no, it’s not something you should worry about either.

Or how about this? Your next big idea. What would the most successful person you know do with?

This applies to literally every situation. From getting dressed to leave the house to make decisions that impact your business long term. How would the most successful person you know handle it? How would they present themselves?

Asking yourself this in every situation levels up your thinking, elevates your mindset, to one that pushes you to succeed. It’s truly the most powerful question in helping you achieve success and reaching those big goals you know you’re capable of.

You don’t have to tell me who the most successful person you know is, but I want you to tell me what three qualities they have. Those are amazingly powerful insights into areas and skills you’re looking to develop.

Basically, the most successful person you know becomes your guide for setting a success-driven mindset in every situation.