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Are you struggling to find time in the day to make any progress in your never ending To Do List?
Are you feeling unmotivated and frustrated?
Are you simply not getting enough done every day?

Even with all the best goals and intentions, without setting up our day for success, all that goodness will go to waste. I’m going to share my favorite 5 morning hacks that will help you make the transformational shift from frustrated to focused so you can become a productive master of your day. And it all starts first thing in the morning…

“Every morning you have two choices: Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.” – Lewis Howes, former Pro-Athlete, NYT Best Selling Author, Podcaster

The morning is magical and it’s where it all goes down.

I’m a big believer that how you approach your morning dictates the rest of your day. So I’m going to ask you plain and simple – do you hate your mornings?

How you approach your morning dictates the rest of your day.

Are you slapping the snooze button a few times and trying to milk every last drop of sleep from your warm and cozy bed? Stop doing this. Not only does research show that the sleeping past your first alarm disrupts your circadian rhythm and can trigger fatigue and grogginess for the rest of the day, but that little snooze button also leaves you already being late, rushing around with a frantic, hurried energy.

Nobody wants to start the day scrambling and stressed.

“The time is now. Stop hitting the snooze button on your life.” — Mel Robbins, NYT Best Selling Author, Ted Talk Speaker

Hate that feeling of being anxious and late and it’s only 8 am? Then we need to back up to the beginning. Because having a killer day actually starts the night before.

So let’s back it up, my friend. I promised you my 5 morning hacks, but I’ll throw in my 2 critical nighttime routines that help me leap out of bed the next morning.

  1. Get in bed just a little bit earlier. That may mean forcing yourself to turn off Netflix or putting down your novel, but giving yourself an earlier night means renewed energy in the morning.
  2. Plan your day on paper. What do you want to accomplish tomorrow? What are your top priorities? I never go to sleep without having my next day planned out like a boss.

Grab your notebook from your bedside table and jot down your priorities for tomorrow. Make yourself a list of what you want to accomplish tomorrow and especially what you actually commit to accomplishing tomorrow.

When you wake up in the morning, you already know exactly what your priorities are. Your vibe is going to change for the better. Way better.

These five super simple (but powerful routines) make for a kick@$$ day.

Million Dollar Morning Routines

1. Rise and Shine.

Get an early start – That might be getting up 10 minutes earlier, 30 minutes earlier or even an hour earlier. Wake up before the rest of your household wakes up and begins to ask for your attention. This time is your time, just for you.

2. Hydrate.

Grab your beverage of choice – I start each morning with a large glass of purified water with lemon. When I say a large glass, I’m talking about a 32 oz glass, Christy Code Red style! My brain and body thank me for giving it hydration right off the bat. For those of you that like your water heated and filtered through ground coffee beans, have a glass of water first. 🙂

3. Peace.

Begin your slow and thoughtful activities – Sit down and fill your spiritual and emotional well. This can be prayer and meditation, journaling, or reading. Don’t reach for your phone or look at email for at least the first hour of the day.

4. Mental rehearsal.

Actualize and Visualize – Call into action what you want to actually experience in the day. This is my creative act of creating my intentional day by visualizing my energy and experiences for the day.

5. Action.

Take action on ONE THING – Knock out one thing from your To Do List before the day really gets going and you can keep that momentum of accomplishment going throughout the rest of your day!

These simple routines don’t even need to take more than 30 minutes and they set you up for winning your day and winning your life. You will be and feel more empowered, accomplished, happy, aligned and confident. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

You can start with one of two of these and go from there (no need to jump in with all five at once and overload yourself)! We’re all about setting ourselves up for success, right? Right, my friend. Here’s to your success.

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