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Short and sweet today, my friend. I’m coming in hot and heavy to breathe some tough love into you about your obsessions and why they’re blocking you from even getting close to your goals.

But first, let’s talk about that elusive thing called balance. Everybody seems to want it, nobody seems to have it….why?

You’re not balanced because you’re obsessed.

Take a look around your life, at your browser history, at your Facebook feed.

Where are you obsessed?

You’re obsessed with the negative reports in the media.
You’re obsessed with what he said/she said/they said.
You’re obsessed with food and your weight. What’s for lunch? What’s my weight? Why can’t I lose weight? Why can’t I stop eating M&Ms? What the *%^! is wrong with that bathroom scale?!
You’re obsessed with how much sleep you’re not getting each and every night. Ugh. What’s wrong with me? No wonder I have dark circles under my eyes. I’m so groggy all the time!
You’re obsessed with the snooze button. Why is morning so early?! Just 10 more minutes…
You’re obsessed with your past and its unfairness.
You’re obsessed with that thing you did.
You’re obsessed with that thing you didn’t do.
You’re obsessed the latest news in your social media feed. Oh, they got a boat? I didn’t know they could afford a boat!
You’re obsessed with your laundry list of hurts and grievances.
You’re obsessed with your anger and spite (even if it’s 100% justified…). I can’t believe she did that! Of all the dirty, rotten….
You’re obsessed with gossip and celebrity magazines. Who wore it better? A royal wedding! They’re having another baby? They’re getting divorced!
You’re obsessed with complaining and finding fault with yourself, your life and your loved ones.

It is any wonder that you’re not finding balance? You will never find balance when you’re obsessed with the negative. But, here’s the red-hot truth. Being obsessed isn’t the problem. The problem is being obsessed with the wrong things.

Stop seeking balance and start getting obsessed. (Over the right things.)

What I know for sure is that your thoughts will determine your actions, your habits and ultimately the entire experience called your life.

Make the shift in your thoughts, and the balance and happiness will follow. Or perhaps more accurately, your new thoughts will lead you to balance and happiness.

It often feels like our thoughts are not in our control. That somehow those thoughts are thinking us rather than the other way around. But my friend, you actually get to choose your thoughts, your actions and even your obsessions.

So let’s create some new obsessions that will propel you toward greatness and the highest expression of yourself.

How to create obsessions that launch you toward balance and happiness

Shall we try it in the first person and see how it feels? Let’s do it.

I’m obsessed with drinking water, and lots of it.
I’m obsessed with nourishing myself with nutritious healthy foods (and not too much of it).
I’m obsessed with music that lifts me up and speaks to my soul.
I’m obsessed with working toward my goals and healthy habits.
I’m obsessed with smiling and smiling at every person who crosses my path.
I’m obsessed with making people feel good, feel included and feel important.
I’m obsessed with nature, movement and meditation.
I’m obsessed with laughter and joy.
I’m obsessed with continually learning, reading and seeking personal development.
I’m obsessed with waking up early and going to bed early so that I feel as energetic as possible.
I’m obsessed with saying NO to anything unkind or that doesn’t serve my highest good.
I’m obsessed with speaking ONLY kindness and love to build others up.

(How did that feel? Did it feel good? Go ahead and print this out and tape it to the bathroom mirror to remind yourself each and every day!)

We shouldn’t be pursuing balance. We should be pursuing the right obsessions.

What’s actually worth obsessing over? There are so many distractions coming at us every single day and the world’s negativity is competing for your attention. When choosing what you focus on, ask yourself the following questions.

Does it make me feel good? (How does gossip feel versus breathing happiness into others?)
Does it help other people?
Does it make me money?
Does it stretch, challenge and help me grow?
Does it make me a better person today than I was yesterday?

These are the only things worth obsessing over.

It’s not balance that you’re looking for. You’re looking for a higher vibration of living. Love, peace, and happiness are both the path and the destination and it’s what you CHOOSE TO THINK ABOUT and what you CHOOSE TO OBSESS OVER that will get you there.

Change your obsessions and I promise you, you will change your life.