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How did you start your day?

What did you do this morning? Did you stumble to the coffee pot and then sit on the couch with your favorite mug coffee (or tea) in one hand and your phone in the other? Or maybe you hit the snooze button a few times and then scrambled to get your kids out the door because you were running late?

There’s a better way to kickstart your day. A way that can relieve your stress, clear your mind and even unlock unimagined paths to your creativity. And I’m not even talking about meditation….

The way I’m talking about is The Artist’s Way.

Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” has been guiding artists through the process of getting unstuck for over 25 years. Even renowned author Elizabeth Gilbert said that “Without The Artist’s Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love.”

You might not call yourself an Artist, but I can guarantee that you’re still a Creative. Because you’re a human being and humans are ridiculously creative. Living in our modern world and creating businesses takes creativity and that creativity can often get blocked. When we get blocked, we become frustrated and stagnant.

The Artist’s Way describes a process for getting creatively unblocked that’s currently being used by countless high performers around the world. That process is the Morning Pages.

Journaling and the Morning Pages

I’m an unabashed journaler and daily bath taker (baths solve problems and inspire massive action). I have been journaling as a practice for years, but with long breaks in between. I’ve found that with myself and my clients, we tend to only journal (and pray for that matter) when things aren’t going so well. But I recently stumbled across an old banker’s box full of my journals from the past several years and I pulled an allnighter re-reading these pages filled with stories from my life. And let me tell you, the insights started falling like rain.

Putting pen to paper is magical.

Do you want to feel lit up? Do you want to feel full of life? Do you want the answers to your problems to effortlessly unfold before you? Then you need to adopt the Morning Pages routine.

Just type in “Morning Pages” in Google and you’ll immediately discover articles with titles like “this habit changed my life”, “Morning Pages changed my life forever” and “clearer mind, less anxiety”. All of this from a simple journaling routine?

Yes. There’s transformative power in pen and paper and writing it all down.

Here’s how to do the Morning Pages routine

When you first wake up in the morning, you write down three full pages of handwritten stream-of-consciousness. Meaning you write down anything and everything that comes to your mind. Anything. This happens before you grab your coffee and start your daily routine.

Your thoughts to pen and paper need to be unedited, uninhibited, and raw. Even when your thoughts are boring and it feels more like making a grocery list. Even when it feels like you have nothing to say. Even when your thoughts and emotions seem too raw to be allowed to come to the surface. This is where the magic happens.

This gets results.

This gets to the core of what is challenging you.

This allows your inner self (your mind, your spirit, whatever you choose to call it) to speak to you and through you.

I know what it’s like to feel like nothing that you’re doing works. That you’re stuck on a hamster wheel of your goals being just out of reach. I have a whole banker’s box of journals filled with those frustrations…and triumphs over those same frustrations.

This simple habit of expressing three full hand-written pages each and every day can get you unstuck. You just might be shocked at the insight, the Aha moments, and the ideas that well up from inside you.

Dear Diary…

You know I love a good formula. I love a systematized process for getting results. The Morning Pages routine is not your middle school dream journal. It’s a process backed by hundreds (if not thousands) of high performers, such as Tim Ferriss. This journaling will lead the deep dive into who you are and even more importantly, the person that you want to become. From the story you overheard that left an impression on you, to those worries that are weighing so heavy on your shoulders, the blank pages of your journal are waiting for them.

Your body. Your mind. Your soul. They know exactly how to uncover what you need through this practice. Give yourself permission to write anything and everything that comes to mind.

You will not grow and transform by not understanding yourself. Open up.

This will strengthen your character and your business.

Every bit of self-development that I’ve undertaken has also grown my business while expanding the borders of my life.

Let’s go back for a minute to what Elizabeth Gilbert said about “The Artist’s Way.”

“Without The Artist’s Way, there would have been no Eat, Pray, Love.”

The world could have lost out on “Big Magic” and “Eat, Pray, Love” without her journaling routine.

So my question for you is, what’s waiting inside of you that you’re ready to release?

Go buy a fresh journal and start first thing tomorrow morning.

Want more on my favorite morning routines? I got you covered. Check out The Morning Habits of 6 and 7 Figure Earners

By the way, I have to tell you about my challenge. Now we’ve already had to close the doors for this round, but I sooooo want you on the waiting list for our next Challenge. Come join your fellow amazing women who are ready for the next level in their business and their life. Are you ready? (