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Women often ask me about THAT moment. They ask me WHEN it was. They ask me WHAT it was…you know, that moment where everything finally clicked in my life and my business just took off?

Honestly, it wasn’t one single moment. It was a series of moments, both big and small. Creating my first entourage was one of those big moments that had even bigger results.

Yes, I’m talking about my very own ENTOURAGE! And you need an entourage too, if you’re going to walk into your new life like a rock star…

Having an entourage of fierce supporters:

  1. launched my personal development and my business forward
  2. increased my confidence
  3. sealed my belief in myself

And it still does every single day.

Take 5 and Look Around Your Life

Famous businessman Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.”

(Read more over at

Take a look at your life. Who are you rollin’ with right now? Who are you allowing to fill your mental space? What messages are you allowing into your head? Your inner circle has a dramatic impact on your income and the quality of life you lead.

Whether we want it to or not, other peoples’ energy and worldview affect us – either positively or negatively. The words you’re hearing and the messages you’re allowing into your mind are powerful. Oh, words have SO much power, my friend.

It’s time to fill your head with high energy affirmations and positive messages that help you break through your current levels of “that’s impossible”, so that you can shed those limiting beliefs and reach the next level of success that’s just waiting for you.

Instead of operating on default mode, you’re going to start choosing your vibes, your income and your future, and that starts with curating your high vibe tribe.

Are you ready to build your super squad?

Here are my three strategies to build an entourage that catapults you toward success:

1.Find (and Create) Your Power Messages

First off, you need to discover what pumps you up! Like a prize fighter getting ready for the big fight, you need to get pumped up before you enter the ring.

A playlist of music that makes you feel unstoppable is your personalized digital soundtrack for success. Start creating those playlists! And yes, that might totally include playing the Rocky theme at full volume… ?

But don’t limit that playlist to just music! Seek out the resources that get you amped up and ready to rock. I’ve listened to hypnosis tracks, YouTube motivational videos, and guided meditations just to name a few. I’ve recorded voice memos cheering myself on… I’ve done it all and it all helps.

Search YouTube for the messages and music that uplift you and light you up.

Have you listened to Jock Willink? He’s an American podcaster, author, and retired United States Navy SEAL. He received the Silver Star and Bronze Star for his service in the Iraq War. Needless to say, he’s the real deal.

Check out his podcast here that will pump you up like a boot camp instructor. His hardcore (but positive) message motivates me to tackle my day with all the passion it deserves.

I also listen to Tom Bilyeu’s podcast for his occasional 5-7 minutes power track of motivation and Tim Ferriss’ podcastfor that extra oomph to smash through limiting beliefs!

And don’t underestimate the power of a well-placed F-bomb to ignite your fire. At least that works for me…but uncover what works for YOU. These digital mentors can build a fire under you so you can be a girl on fire.

2. Create (and follow) a powerful morning routine

Be deliberate about how you spend your mornings. Build in time for your power playlist so you can entourage yourself.

This is the fuel for your day.

  1. Create a playlist of music and YouTube videos and listen to it each morning. (While you’re on YouTube, have you subscribed to my channel?)
  2. Create voice memos for yourself
  3. Text yourself high octane affirmations

3. Surround yourself with encouragers

Last but most certainly not least, deliberately surround yourself with encouragers. What kind of people belong in your personal entourage? They don’t criticize you. They don’t drag you down. They do support you. They do cheer you on.

(Let me be clear. Your entourage has nothing to do with fake ego inflation and everything to do with authentic encouragement.)

There’s a hard part here… Take an honest assessment of those around you and begin to audit your inner circle.

Do you have relationships that bring you down? Do you have people in your life who constantly whine about their jobs or their bosses or that they deserve a raise that they never get? These people haven’t yet learned how to empower themselves. Surrounding yourself with those that lift you higher – way higher – might mean setting firm boundaries or even letting go of relationships that no longer serve you.

Focus on your vision for your future self and your intentional high vibe tribe.

When you do find those special people, spend more time with them.

These people may be mentors on podcasts and they may be in your Mastermind or coaching program. They could be at your monthly Lunch and Learn meetings or after-hours networking group. Find them, connect with them and allow them to rock your world with their incredible support.

Your assignment:
Who makes you feel unlimited? Who is so passionate about your success that you practically have no choice but to succeed?

Your homework is to build your custom encouragement squad. You hire team members that support your mission. You assemble a group that meets on a regular schedule. It’s up to you to find and create the entourage that will amplify your own personal power to impact and change others’ lives.

Are you ready for the next level? I think you are.