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Quit messing around with half-hearted goals and use this process to actually get results.

If you’re anything like I used to be, I dealt with goals in one of three ways.

  1. I wouldn’t even bother setting them.
  2. I clung to the beliefs that I couldn’t fail if I didn’t set them!
  3. When I actually did set them, I didn’t set big bold goals because I didn’t want to fail, and even more importantly, have others see me fail.

Raise your hands if you fall into any of those camps. Yes? Oh I feel you, girl.

Public failure sucks.

Have you ever set a weak goal because you wanted an easy win rather than reach for that quantum leap success and fail hard? I would. I set half hearted goals because I was appeasing a boss or someone else because I felt they wanted me to set and reach watered down “achievable” goals.

You’re capable of so much more. But you have to learn how to tackle goals so that they become big time results.
Get Emotionally Invested
When you know how to set real goals. . .
When the process quits being a lead up to failure. . .
When you get excited because you have a process for actually achieving them. . .
When you get emotionally invested in your goals . . .

This is when things change. It’s the most powerful thing you will have in your business.

Can I tell you a story about my first coach Frank White? This was the first time I hired a big-time success coach (so indebted to what this man taught me) and I walked into his office, saying, “I want you to turn me into a closer! Turn me into a sales and recruiting rockstar!”

He immediately took me through a goal-setting process that I still do to this day (and have added my own spin to it). I now use this and take my team through this process. This process has radically changed my life, no hype on that.

I had just paid more than I had ever had in my life for coaching, and to be honest, it was more than I was comfortable with. But I did it because I was ready for more and I knew I couldn’t get to that next level by myself. If I could have reached that next level by myself, I would have. So when I hired Frank and he asked what big goals I wanted to reach, I thought, “Oh boy I’m either going to tell him what he wants to hear or I’m going to fall hard flat on my face.”

When you’re scared of actually reaching your goal: what I learned about my family vacation to Mexico

Heather Quisel with family

When I first set the goal of taking my family on our first overseas vacation, I kind of said it half-heartedly. We had never been on a family vacation before we had never gone overseas together before. This felt like a milestone and a “We’ve made it” kind of moment for me.

As soon as I said that out loud, Frank White said, “okay well when you going to go?”

I felt my throat constrict and squirmed, thinking “Don’t make me put an actual timeline on this.”

What if I don’t hit it and even worse, what if I do and I actually have to let go of the money to pay for it? I wasn’t ready to put my money where my mouth is, but I set that goal with him right then and there.

I had homework and I had work to do. Here’s what he said. “You’re taking your kids with you and you’re going to walk into a travel agency and do your research. Find out exactly how much it’s going to cost. Get the camp pamphlets. Get your kids invested in this trip. Make it real.”

This was pure Crash and Burn material right here.

Because the minute you tell your kids something… They are going to ride you like a donkey until you make that happen. And so I did it. My kids were so excited as they made their wish lists of activities and places to see in Mexico.

And I kept thinking, what if I fail?

Not two months later, a girlfriend of mine who regularly went to Mexico with friends reached out to me. “Hey, we’re planning a trip to Mexico this spring and would love it if you and your family came!”

I said YES. And here’s the thing. She did all the planning because this was a regular thing for her. All I had to do was hand her my credit card to book the tickets.

Ever since then, I’ve been a firm believer in goal setting and putting it out there.

Like magic (and I mean that)…a trip to Mexico with my family literally presented itself to me 4 months later. And of course, I’d been hitting other goals in my biz and the money was there to go.

And we did.

And we went the next year, too.

Putting it out there

Something starts to happen when we put it out there. The wheels start moving. This is life changing, my friend. This is just one of the pieces of the goal setting puzzle, but it’s the foundation of what I teach to my clients and my kids every day.

It’s the expectation that drives the goal to fruition. For my daughter going to the college that she wants to get into, to a vacation in Mexico, to hitting your next six-figure goal in your business. Work hard and have every expectation that your goals will be fulfilled.

This is a game changer, an income changer, and a life changer.

It’s the expectation that drives the goal to fruition.

I’m never going to tell to you not to be afraid. Because experiencing some fear in the face of big scary goals is natural and normal! If it didn’t scare you a little, it probably wouldn’t be a big enough goal, right? It’s not about being Fearless, it’s about taking action.

You can build the life and business you want, and I’m here to help.

In My Level Up Challenge, I guide the group through writing down 100 things that they want to do see or experience in the next 5 years. 100 things! It sounds like it should be easy, right? But actually most women hit a trouble spot around 40 and they draw a blank. But I make them keep going all the way to 100. And then we turn a wish list into a goal list.

You need to do your part to help the universe work on your behalf.

Quit messing around with your goals, quit appeasing people with half-hearted goals that you think you could reach and it’s time to play bigger. Goals set become experiences lived. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Go get ‘em, girl.