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Goals is my middle name. At least it should be. 😉 I am frequently asked how I grew my business and also why I’m so passionate about goal setting. Want to know why? I love love love goals because I love RESULTS. I’m a busy woman – as I’m sure you are too – and I don’t have time for strategies that don’t work. So I’ve learned to double down on the ones that do work. And they work incredibly well.

I’d like to share a little bit about my process for consistently hitting my goals. Every year on the first day of the year, I focus on a few things to set me up for achieving my goals (and results), and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

Setting yourself up for success
How do you set yourself up to actually achieve those goals that you write down for yourself? From losing 10 pounds to making 5 sales to going to bed earlier – the goal process can work for you. Every month, my coach (yes, I have a coach too! There’s always a new level to break through and I walk the walk.) and I create a Massive Action Plan (MAP). I’ll get into the MAP process in a later blog post, but let’s just say this keeps my sanity, focuses my actions, and drives me to reach goals that I thought were impossible. And for the record, no goal is impossible.

Seriously, some months I look down at my action plan and my own mind is blown away because I hit every freakin’ goal from the previous month, even those eyebrow-raising goals that I thought were a big stretch. With accountability and inspired action, goals work.

With accountability and inspired action, goals work.Click To Tweet

The importance of self-reflection
The more you can set goals and look to the future, you also have to use your critical thinking skills to examine where you just came from and what you’ve done. Did your action plan work? What went wrong? What could have been better?

But then . . . Reflect and look back at what you DID accomplish. It’s easy to give up or complain, find excuses or find fault with ourselves if we only focus on what didn’t work.

Oh, I didn’t hit that goal in my business like I wanted…
Why didn’t I finally write that book?
I didn’t lose those 20 pounds!

The 2-list method
I hit a lot of my goals but guess what? I missed even more. That’s why I keep two separate lists throughout the year: a list of the goals I accomplished from my action plan and a separate list of all the things I LEARNED this past year. The internal growth game is something completely different, and it can’t be measured by traditional benchmarks. No one else would see these accomplishments except you. On the outside, it may look like you’re NOT growing or achieving. But this internal growth game is one of the most important areas of growth that you should be measuring…or at least acknowledging!

It’s time to create your own lists.

List 1: Things that are on my goal list that I accomplished: specific benchmarks that met measurable criteria Things like:

  • sales numbers
  • recruits
  • signups
  • income goals

List 2: Things that are on my second list are things like:

  • What did I overcome?
  • What did I learn?
  • What could I do this year that I couldn’t do last year?
  • Where have I overcome an addiction or bad habit?
  • Did I overcome fear, shame or insecurity?
  • Where has my skillset grown?

These are the goals that aren’t usually measured but you still reached them. You have to acknowledge, pat yourself on the back and give gratitude for your personal growth.

And before I sign off for today, I want to hammer home the idea of writing down your goals. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s a bit of magic in having an idea, deciding in your consciousness that yes, that’s something I want, and then putting pen to paper. It’s as if we put it out there in the Universe, declare our sincerity and give the Universe permission to start working on our goals with us.

Yes, we work HARD. We take massive inspired action. And the Universe meets us at least halfway to carry us to the finish line.

Use the 2-List Method to reach YOUR goals!  Download the guide now by signing up below: