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It’s all new. Brand new day. Brand new month. Brand new year. When we slip off the shrink wrap on our new 2019 planners and crack them open, it smells like big goals and inspiration.

Even without a planner or calendar, the energy at this time of year feels like a fresh notebook full of blank pages and possibility. I’ve got a little advice for you (as I so often do! 💕). . . Let this New Year energy lift you even higher because your energy matters.

Oh, girl, your energy matters so much!

You are the heartbeat of your home, your office, and your life. Your energy is the pulse that keeps the momentum of your goals going. It’s the little goals and steps that we take that move us toward the big dreams.

What are you radiating?

Can you check in with yourself for a moment? Is your heart radiating the light, love, and abundance that you deserve and want to share with others?

What gets you up early in the morning (whether you slept or didn’t)?! What gets you excited to wake up and run toward your day? It’s so important to know what drives you so that you can do more of what lights you up!

When we have these fresh opportunities, it’s so important to reflect and take stock. Where are you? And even more importantly, who are you? I’ll explain what I mean by that.You are here for a Big Purpose.

Energy of Success

You are here for a Big Purpose. And yes, your Big Purpose can be in your home! It doesn’t have to be impacting tens of thousands. Your job is important. Your life is important. You’ve been given a purpose and a path to give. When you’re aligned with that purpose, it shows in your energy and in your life.

And on the flip side…what drains you?

What dims your light? What can you let go of? What can you outsource? What can you just avoid, do less of, or eliminate entirely? Is there a draining relationship you need to spend less time in? What are those activities, people, or places that you should no longer give your time to?

When you shift away from energy leaks and drains, you’ll have more energy to spill over into everything that you love.

What gets you so motivated and inspired to tackle your goals? It’s time to learn what that is. Go deep and find out what drives you. Discover what gives you energy and moves you forward. And then do more of that.

Plain and simple.

So here’s my challenge to you, my friend. Make your energy sparkly and magical. I’ve even got a little homework for you. Take an hour to reflect on your morning routines (or any routines that you want to dive a little deeper into).

Write down what you’re currently doing and ask yourself, “who am I being now? Who do I need to be in order to be both lit from the inside out AND reaching my goals?”
When you align what fuels your fire with the highest vision of yourself, utter magic will unfold for you.

In the process of discovering who you are, you’ll identify what jacks you up and gets you excited and lights you up!

You are a light and you need to keep your energetic shine high and bright.

Keep shining.