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Well. . . it’s been an F-bomb zone around my house lately.

I’ll be totally honest. This kind of language actually helps me get out of bed everyday…

Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, I made a DECISION. A life trajectory changing decision.

I made the decision to quit leaning on my life’s tragedy (which other people have called it), stop making EXCUSES, and start to intentionally live my life again.

This wasn’t a decision like, “I’m going to try.”

It wasn’t like, “Let’s see how this goes.”

I couldn’t afford to tiptoe into a half-hearted decision anymore.

👉 This was a no-BS, stop the excuses, decide you’re done being WIDOWED and start moving your life forward.

Is this decision going to have any bearing whatsoever on the reality that my husband is gone? Absolutely not. Is this decision going to light a fire under my a** and force me to take daily action to keep moving forward? Absolutely. Is this decision going to have me swearing more than usual? Absof****inglutely.

I happen to respond positively to F-bombs. Lots of them.

There’s just something about a well-placed F-bomb that fuels the fire that reminds me just how bulletproof I can be. That even our language can remind us to be a fighter. To go on the offense. To defend ourselves.

I get pumped up by intensity and 🔥motivation (like listening to Jocko Willink).

So I made that decision and I wrote up powerful reminders of who I want to be and what I want to accomplish. I printed those bad boys out and posted them all over my office.

Did my kids ask about them? You freakin’ bet. And I told them straight up that these are word choices that currently and positively empower me to move forward…no apologies.

Now I’m definitely not saying that you need to starting swearing like a sailor.

F-bombs might not be your jam, but what IS? There’s something that lights you up and electrifies you to drive your life forward. . . even when it’s HARD.

  • It could be a playlist of songs that fire you up.
  • It could be a 10-minute dance party or a 50-minute spin class.
  • It could be watching the trailer for Rocky every morning. . .
  • It could be journaling affirmations when you start your day with a cup of tea.

What are the messages and reminders you need to keep focused on who you want to be?

My advice as I come out of the hardest five months of my life? Surround yourself with those messages in every shape and form. Lots of them. Make them part of your daily life.

  • If it’s F-bombs, print those f-ers out 😜
  • If it’s words of encouragement, write them down where you can see them
  • If it’s quotes from people who inspire and motivate you, put them where you can read them every day

And repeat them all day long until you feel it in your bones.

Is it fail-proof? No. But it will help you become bullletproof. . .

When it comes down to it, resilience is always a choice.

Always, ALWAYS, it’s a choice to move forward, whatever it takes.