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Let’s talk about money. Specifically, why you may feel deep down that having more of it is actually a bad thing.

If you’re like most of the women I’ve worked with, you want to go bigger with your business and life. But you may think that you just need to make more money. Does that sound familiar?

Many people think their issues around money simply require a better job or a bigger household income. But people don’t take into consideration what their beliefs are about money and if their beliefs match their goals.

Let me break this down for you.

I work with women who are often in relationship-driven businesses, such as real estate or direct sales, and they’re also busy with their personal lives and families. When we start working together, their financial goals often include:

  • I want to earn six figures
  • I want to be able to retire my husband
  • I want to make enough that my kids and I can travel to Bali/Hawaii/Florida
  • I want to easily pay for all those kid activities and musical instruments and take them to Disneyland . . .

And these are all GREAT GOALS! Dream big, sister, but pay attention to this part because it’s important.

What do you believe deep down about money?

Very few people are thinking about their beliefs about money, and if those beliefs will actually encourage the growth of their business or hold it back.

I was recently doing a training for a group of my clients in my 14-Day Challenge about money mindset. (The topics of making money and making more money being bad tends to come up again and again and again in that space, because when we start dreaming and scheming to have a bigger life and setting bigger goals, money matters.)

What you believe in your subconscious may be quite different than what’s happening on the surface. There are always little whisper thoughts — underlying subconscious messages — that will either tell you that you can, or you can’t, you should, or you shouldn’t do something, be something, or have something.

And too often, the belief system that we all share is that wanting more money is actually bad and that you shouldn’t want more than you have. When you’re about to break through to another limit, you may suddenly find yourself procrastinating, not taking action, or some other self-sabotaging behavior. That’s because there’s a disconnect between what you want and what you believe.

You know those messages, right?

  • “You should be happy with what you have.”
  • “Wanting more makes you selfish and power hungry.”
  • “It’s not even spiritual to be wealthy.”
  • “Wealth is power and power corrupts.”

But here’s the deal, hotshot. It’s your responsibility to master your money mindset AND make more money than you need.

It’s time to go from broke to abundant. Even if you make a lot of money, do you carry around a feeling that you’re somehow unworthy of it? Or do you feel that there’s never enough? Or that making a high income is somehow unspiritual? Do you feel broke no matter how much you have in the bank? 

If this sounds suspiciously familiar, then you have some belief digging to do, my friend.

When you ALLOW yourself to fully embrace wealth and what it can do for our world, you open the floodgates to abundance and generosity. You can give away more money to programs and causes that you believe in. This is when our impact and our reach gets even bigger.

The minute you make more than you need, then you will start looking for ways to start giving back to your community. When you create more income, you can create more impact in the world.

If you’re ready to start attracting and creating more wealth in your life, you need to start shifting your stories around money.