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Want to be successful? You need to stop winging it and start selling authentically to build your network and business.

This all started because I wanted a pair of jeans.


I started selling a skincare brand from home (like many women do) because I wanted to earn a little extra cash to buy some Hudson jeans without feeling guilty about the expensive price tag. But something started happening as I figured out how to do the work. Yeah, I bought those jeans.

Then I started paying for preschool with my paychecks.

Then the mortgage.

Then BOTH mortgages . . . for the house we lived in and the rental.

Then I earned a luxury car.

Then an all-expenses paid trip for my husband and me to Maui.

Then to Cabo.

Then to France.

Then to Cancun.

And last week, another trip to Spain with my mom and my daughter.

All because I wanted a pair of cute jeans.

To be able to bring both of them with me to Spain and for me to experience this adventure with them was a dream come true for all of us.

Lucky me, right?

But here’s the thing. I’m not “lucky”.

I EARNED this trip. I earned these paychecks and perks by doing the LEARNING and doing the WORK. And of course, by learning how to SELL in a way that feels authentic and actually feels GOOD.

To be honest, I never saw myself as a salesperson. Actually, I never even WANTED to sell. Who does, right?! Because we associate selling with something sleazy or awkward at best.

But then, I had a mind-blowing realization. I was already “selling” my kids every damn morning on eating an apple instead of cookies for breakfast…so I was clearly better at it than I thought! 😉 

And then things started to change for me big time when I realized that selling wasn’t so much about sales as it was about teaching and sharing, and I share with people all day long!

  • I’ve shared with you all about my grief counselor, and now she has a waiting list for new clients to get in the door!
  • I’ve shared books and podcasts that have changed my life, and people run out and buy them all the time.
  • I shared my trip to Spain, here, too…and someone messaged me the other day asking about getting a list of the places I visited and the hotel we stayed at.

The sharing is easy because we don’t ever think of it as selling.

But it’s the MEANING we put on sales that gets in the way of being successful. We aren’t talking about used car salesman anymore when we talk about selling…this is a new era. And in case you haven’t noticed, we’re all sharing about something right here on social media every freaking minute of every single day.

It’s just that I have learned to share intentionally, building a business based on personal growth, community, killer skincare products, and a desire to show people a way of living their best lives NOW.

When I started this whole thing, I was a SAHM with a preschool teaching background. I had 2 neighbors, a mom, a sister-in-law, and a few friends I knew from school…and not even one social media account.

What I did, though, was DECIDE to share on purpose, share a LOT, and not be afraid of what people would think. (By the way, if you can do this 👆, whether you simply want the jeans or the outrageous luxury trips and mind-blowing paychecks, I can teach you how. I’d love to share with you what’s possible 😉–just send me a DM here on Instagram and we’ll talk about how this can change your life too.)

So if when you hear about other people’s successes, please don’t just think, “Oh it must be nice” or “she’s so lucky.” Because this success is available to you too and it’s not about luck. Trust me, if I can achieve success (a shy SAHM with zero sales experience or business skills), anyone can — if you do the work.

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a while, you’ve probably heard me bring up “doing the work.” But what’s “the work”, anyway?

The way I see it, the work is those highly focused activities that I did strategically and consistently to get there. Often, it boils down to the one thing that you do that seems so minuscule that you won’t even notice it if you skip a day. But the work has its own form of compound interest that can work massively for you . . . or against you. Small, focused action that you repeat every single day is what will propel you to success.

And you simply cannot wing it to big success. You cannot wing a business. You cannot wing dreams.

You have to be really clear about where you’re going and how to get there. If I had just winged it, my success would have stopped at buying that first pair of fancy jeans.

So my friend, stop winging it and start working it.

If you need help with this–getting clarity, getting focused, getting motivated–this is what I do. This is why I’m on the planet and I’ve helped thousands of women already, women just like you.