in this house

Picture it: Boise, Idaho, 2010. I was living what I, and most of America, believed to be the standard “white picket fence” life. I was a preschool teacher with a handsome husband and a few adorable kids. In general, life was good. But somewhere deep in my gut I knew good wasn’t good enough for me. I was happy, I really was. But I wasn’t content. I knew I had more to offer the world. I just didn’t believe I should have to give up anything to have it all

It was scary to think about completely changing my world, but I also knew that facing that fear was part of my journey. So I took a year off and I explored everything: From photography to sewing, leadership skills to writing, I started to find the shape and size of my voice. And, once I did, the only thing left to do was to learn how to step into that, with passion, grace and confidence.

Easier said than done, no? What I needed was some good mentoring, and I needed to build a community. I ordered Success Monthly and read it cover to cover each month, I religiously watched TED talks, I attended workshops and speaking events geared towards personal development and professional success. I even paid for coaching, trainings and conferences, because once I got started, I knew that I was heading in the right direction — my direction. I was on a direct course to living my life by design, my dream life.

started to find

Now, what does that dream life look like? My life by design isn’t fancy. It isn’t over the top or extravagant, but it’s mine and it’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be home with my kids and influence other people. Now I’m helping develop leaders who are earning 6 figures and more. I’m helping women create balance, structure, achievement, and all of this around their families and the people they love.

I walk my kids to the bus stop every morning. I’m at lunch with girlfriends at noon followed by an afternoon of coaching, mentoring and creating content for women like you all over the world. And then I’m driving carpool for my son’s football team. Simply put, it’s a life of freedom.

That freedom was achieved because I worked hard on my personal development, because I knew it was key to my professional development. I devised tools to help me build this dream life I’d always wanted, and found that other women I met on my journey found them to be helpful, too. Since I’d figured a few things out for myself, and I’d always wanted to connect, inspire and collaborate with more women to help them find and live their passion, I started to break it all down. And now I have yet another dimension to my amazing life: Coach.

Because I’m living proof you can live a life by your design, I can show you just how you can do the same. My life is a simple life and it might not be the life you’d design but I’m telling you, I can help you create exactly what you want in the way that makes sense to you. You define what freedom looks like for you, and I’ve got the roadmap to get you there.