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shy preschool teacher built a multi-million dollar business from scratch by learning to step out of her comfort zone and into her full potential…but she didn’t do it alone.

shy preschool teacher built a multi-million dollar business from scratch by learning to step out of her comfort zone and into her full potential…but she didn’t do it alone.

Building a business–any business–takes hard work and perseverance.

And that’s true. But girl, it’s a lot bigger than what you’ll read in any marketing book. There’s a critical layer to building a business (and life) that most people aren’t talking about. . . there’s a spiritual side to all this.
Over the last 8 years, I’ve learned that you really can’t talk about business success without talking about tapping into something that’s bigger than all of us – you can call it God, Spirit, the Universe, or any number of labels – because it’s alignment with your greater purpose and inspired action that draws massive success to you.

My journey from “happy” to healed, whole, and thriving

In 2010 (really, not that long ago), I had a good life; I was a former preschool teacher, staying home at the time with our 3 kids…and we were “happy.”

The truth is, we were living in this small, safe comfort zone bubble of just fine, but I was sitting in the middle of a whole lot of emotional baggage. I was still holding onto the pain from an unhealed childhood trauma that left me feeling absolutely worthless on the inside. And girl, if you’re familiar with that kind of hurt, you know that you can sit in that pain for years. Or even the rest of your life.

But I was being called to more.

And for the first time, I listened to that calling.

I found network marketing and leaped with everything I had. I knew if I wanted this business to become something that would actually change my life and my family, I’d have to sell and recruit.

But I lacked some serious confidence.

I lacked a whole lot of skills, too, but I knew I could learn those.

Could I, though, become someone other people wanted to follow?


Could I become more, after all that baggage that continued to tell me I deserved to feel broken and ashamed.

All I knew was that something had pulled me towards this bigger step and bigger version of my life, and that I couldn’t succeed alone.

So I got to work on my skills and growing my business, but I also got to work on ME.

Can I be honest with you, friend? There’s a spiritual side to becoming more. There’s a spiritual side to success. I don’t pretend to know what it’s called, but when you can tap into that force, it releases you from shame, doubt and insecurity.

It allows you to shed the past so you can unfold into the woman you’re supposed to be…and my friend, that’s when the boomsauce happens!


What I know for sure is that if you let it, your greatest hurt will become your greatest source of strength, inspiration, and power. And then you can serve others as the leader you were meant to be.

In my personal development and my business, I took inspired action and followed my intuition.

I hit my first 6-figures. And then I hit another. And another.

And then I kept the momentum going and created a side hustle dedicated to helping women grow, and that quickly became another 6 figure business altogether! Alignment and inspired action works, baby!

Over the last 8 years, I’ve transformed myself into a high earning leader and businesswoman. But that’s not even the most important part. The important part is that I’ve stepped into my greater purpose and have built a tribe of empowered women thirsty for more in life, women who are asking more of themselves and who are ready to take inspired action, too.

Girl, if you’re feeling inspired right now, then I’m here to show you how to bring in the magic in your own life! Because life isn’t about you…it’s about the message you’ve been placed here to share with the world.

Let’s get to work!