Switch your Goals to INTENTIONS and watch yourself succeed by Heather Quisel

Switch your Goals to INTENTIONS and watch yourself succeed

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Early in my career, I started working with a success coach who taught me about intention. As many of you know, I don’t set New Year’s Resolutions, I pick a word and make my year about that word. Perhaps intention can be your word for the coming year? My year of intention was immensely powerful. There’s a HUGE difference between a goal and an intention. Let me explain. A goal is a target. An INTENTION is like it’s as a good as done, you just need to put in the work to finish it. If you think about anything that’s a time waster – like TV. If you look at it as an intention, like “I’m going to watch this show or movie today” it becomes an enjoyable experience – one you look forward to rather than a waste of time. An intention is stronger. It’s a statement of will…

Fan Faves to Confidently Take Charge This Fall by Heather Quisel

Fan Faves to Confidently Take Charge this Fall

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As the days grow cooler and shorter, many people find it difficult to approach things with as much energy and enthusiasm as they did during the bright summer days. You, my faithful fans and friends, know that I talk a lot about how to overcome challenges and take charge of your life. Motivating, educating, and encouraging others is one of my favorite things to do! With so many posts about creating success through challenges, you might be wondering where to start reading to get the inspiration you need. I’m here to help! These five posts are fan favorites – and some of my favorites, too! I hope they provide you with the support and encouragement my faithful readers enjoy. On Shifting Relationships We’ve all had friends come and go in our lives. And each time a friend exits our lives, we naturally feel hurt, upset, sad, etc. As with everything…

This is Why You Don't Hit Your Goals by Heather Quisel

This is Why You Don’t Hit Your Goals

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I could talk about goals all day long! It’s super easy to set goals and then feel defeated and frustrated if you don’t hit them at the end of the month. Guess what? There’s a reason you’re not hitting your goals and I’m going to tell you what it is and how to fix it! There’s two things going on when you don’t make your goals. I see this with my team and with my clients. First, there’s the discouragement when you don’t make your goals. Second, is the reason why you’re not hitting your goals – fear. There are two types of people: One – those who are setting huge, lofty goals Two – those who aren’t setting goals because they don’t others to see them fail Both types of people can set goals, and reach them when they set appropriate, reasonable goals. Here’s how to do that. Most…

How to Find TIME for Things that Matter by Heather Quisel

How to Find TIME for Things that Matter

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You’ve heard of white space on a piece of paper, right? More white space means more space to write your thoughts, less white space means a page that’s already crowded with ideas. Well, the same concept applies to TIME. White space time is something I’ve been chasing for a LONG time. In my life, everything on my calendar is color coded and scheduled to the max! The white space is the places that are open. It’s the places where anything can unfold and in our busy lives, we don’t have much, if any of it. I’ve found for me, that I need that visual white space or I feel overwhelmed, rushed, stressed out. I’m sure you need it too. The tricky part is once you create it in your day, allowing it to unfold rather than giving in to the wiring of our brains to always be busy. Sometimes, during…

How to Get Motivated NOW by Heather Quisel

How to Get Motivated NOW

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I hear this a lot – and I bet you feel it a lot. “I just need the motivation” or “I’m not feeling motivated.” Actors and actress talk about their character’s motivation to help them take on the part and make it come alive. Here’s the thing about motivation, it’s actually super easy to get motivated, but most people won’t do it because it’s easier to get pulled into the distractions. Motivation comes and goes. You have moments of super high productivity because you’re feeling it. You’re pumped and no matter what the task is you’re gonna crush it. Then, that motivation fades a bit and that same activity or task you were crushing last week, you now want nothing to do with it. Now what? Here’s the thing. You CREATE your own motivation. It’s not something you have to go look for or have come to you. You make…

How to know who to invest your time in by Heather Quisel

How to Know Who to Invest Your Time In

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As women, as mothers, it’s natural for us to want to save people. To pour our time and effort into helping them make better choices, solve a problem, etc. But we both know that sometimes we wind up giving to people who aren’t really ready to hear what we have to say or receive our assistance. Then, we wind up feeling stressed, upset, drained. Am I right? To help you, and myself, not invest time and energy into people who aren’t ready for it, I’ve got this great visual. Here’s the thing, as a leader, part of my job is to discover new people and help grow them into their roles. I’ve found that people are either hungry for what I have to offer – and they’re actions back it up. Or they say they’re hungry for it, but their actions show me otherwise. I’m sure you can relate…that boyfriend…

What Wrestlers Know about the Growth Game By Heather Quisel

What Wrestlers Know about the Growth Game

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You may not know this, but my husband, Larry, was kind of a big deal in the wrestling world while we were in college. During lunch recently, we were talking about surrounding ourselves with the right people and mindset. Larry was talking about being a wrestler of that caliber and what that was like. Now, you have to realize, we met in high school. I was with him through all of his wrestling experiences, but still, some of this was news to me. There’s a quote about how you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This applies to Larry’s wrestling career. We were talking about discipline and needing to do the stuff you don’t want to, no matter what. So, Larry starts telling me how during wrestling practice everyone there has two choices. They can either wrestle guys they know they’ll beat or “wrestle…

It's true- No pain, no gain by Heather Quisel

It’s true: No pain, no gain

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So often in business and in life, we think about the goal, the outcome and not the process to get there. We get excited about the outcome and then, shortly after we start the process, we wonder “what the heck was I thinking?” This is exactly what just happened to me when I started with Invisalign braces. Total buyer’s remorse, but I was locked in for a year and there was no turning back. It’s the same thing with business and life goals. There are always unforeseen obstacles. With the braces, it’s having to brush them, I feel like I’m spitting on people, etc. It’s so easy to get caught up in the noise of the challenges and lose sight of the goal. But here’s the thing. If you stay focused on that goal, the noise of a temporary challenge gets quieter. It’s the “oh crap” moment that everyone feels…

It’s All About The Burpees by Heather Quisel

It’s All About the Burpees

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I have four things I know FOR SURE about success in business and in life. I’ve learned each of these in my journey as an entrepreneur, business owner, and leader. As you read them, ask yourself how each applies to your life. It’s all About the Burpees. If you’re not aware, a burpee is a workout move where you jump up, hit the floor, do a pushup, and jump back up. That sequence is one burpee. In Cross fit it’s the mainstay. Here’s the thing – they suck! No one likes them. They’re exhausting and monotonous. BUT they’re also the thing that gets you to the level of fitness you’re seeing if you’re doing Cross fit. So, here’s the thing. In business, in life, we have to do the burpees. Whatever that means in your life. Make it easier by learning to love the process. Accept that they have to…

Work Life Balance Isn't What You Think It Is by Heather Quisel

Work/Life Balance Isn’t What You Think It Is

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Most people are seeking a work/life balance that just doesn’t exist, which leaves them feeling completely inadequate and frustrated! Chances are, your life IS in balance…but it’s simply not what you thought it looks like! In my experience as a coach and business owner, this false understanding of what balance means makes people feel like they’re failing, when in fact, the opposite is true. It sabotages mental health. Yuck! Here’s the thing, you’re more balanced than you think you are. Let’s take a look at what a balanced day looks like. Most women think a balanced life means having an awesome day at work, having fun with the kids, making and eating three healthy meals, spending quality time with their spouse and having hair and clothes totally on point. Phew! That day sounds tiring, not balanced, to me. A truly balanced life doesn’t look anything like that. That’s more perfection,…