One Foot in Front of the Other: How Perspective Changes Your Mindset

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I walk a 4 mile loop every morning before most of the world is even awake. It’s dark, incredibly quite, and…did I mention it’s dark? It is one of my favorite parts of my day. I walked that same loop over the weekend with my daughter, and was surprised by how different that exact same path looks in the light. When I walk in the dark, I can’t see anything but what’s right in front of me, so I keep my focus on taking one step at a time. I can’t see the end destination—only a few lights ahead that guide me and keep me on the right track. With my head down, and the ability to only see a few feet in front of me, I don’t think about how far the destination is…I just keep walking ahead. Walking with my daughter this weekend, in daylight, was a different…

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Get in the Zone: Why Managing Time Matters

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I often joke that being successful is about being more than an expert juggler — unless, of course, you want to be a professional juggler. If so: You’re rockin’ it, and we’re all going to step aside while you show off your mad skills. But time management can be a difficult nut to crack, especially if you have a lot of competing priorities, and people in your life who are competing for your time and attention. A couple of weeks ago, I was sharing breakfast with a friend who happens to be a successful business coach. Of course, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to find out her approach and tips for effective time management! Always be learning, ladies. When she has clients who aren’t sure about how to best manage and prioritize their time, she recommends that they start categorizing their activities, responsibilities and tasks into one of the following:…


Stay the Course: A Season of Sacrifice and Commitment

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For me, business ownership is all about having choices — primarily, choosing to design a life on my terms. This is one of my favorite things about being my own boss, and it’s a common desire that I hear from the people that I work with as a business mentor and coach. But living life on your terms means that, sometimes, you have to make some not-so-fun choices, and sometimes you have to make present-day sacrifices in order to realize future dreams. Recently, a business owner on my team made some big choices in order to simplify her life. With her goals and vision in mind, she stepped down from responsibilities and roles that didn’t align with the life she wanted to design. Many of the roles were ones she enjoyed doing — and ones she’ll most likely go back to in another season — but for right now she…

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Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Why Strong Women Matter

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Have you ever taken a step back and considered our culture’s crazy complex relationship with celebrity? We seem to be obsessed with both building people up to near infamy, then systematically tearing them down. These days, a common measure of “success” worldwide is that of Hollywood movie stars. These people become our icons, our idols — we admire them and want to emulate them. We expect them to be flawless, at all times, and their ability to live their life in this stratosphere of celebrity and fame is proof positive of just how much better they are than us, right? Yeah, right. That’s why I so admire a woman like Hedy Lamarr. While she leveraged her beauty to build a successful career as an actress, first in Europe in the 1920s and then throughout the 1940s in Hollywood, she always nurtured a love for applied sciences and wanted to invent…


Guess Who’s Amazing? Yep. You.

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We’ve all met amazing people — they’re shining in their careers, they’re running the PTA, they’re making a positive impact on their community, they’re attracting cool people, they’re living the life that we would die for. It’s so easy to see people like this, out there killin’ it, that we get discouraged. From the outside, it seems like they’ve got their shit so together, there’s no way you could get even close! But that just ain’t true, love. And here’s why. What makes those people amazing isn’t their background, or where they live, or how they were raised. Seriously, anyone can be amazing — and, truly, everyone is. The difference between you and the people you think are amazing comes down to these 8 things that define amazing people. Let’s break it down: Amazing people believe in themselves. We’re all going to face things in life that we don’t know…

You have 60 YEARS left…Do what you LOVE!

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Instead of my written words today, we’re switching gears and going with the spoken word. Enjoy!

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Listen and Learn: I Dig Podcasts

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My drive to succeed is fueled by an insatiable curiosity and willingness to synthesize the genius of others. In fact, that’s what my whole “Better, Together” approach is about: Everything we need to know to achieve our dreams is out there, we just need to find — and listen to — it. As we develop our own personal brands of awesomeness, we need to look to others, hear their stories and learn from them. That’s why I love podcasts — it’s an accessible way for folks to share their own wisdom, and I can listen to it during my “down time.” And by “down time” I mean doing laundry, cooking dinner or driving the kids to soccer practice, of course! Here’s a selection of podcasts that I dig — I highly recommend that you check them out! One Part Podcast I love Jessica’s conversations with inspiring entrepreneurs in the health…


Don’t be the Victim – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

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I recently attended a workshop for business owners, and the facilitator described two common types of women found in business: Victors and Victims. Here’s how they break down: The Victor The Victor feels like she’s in control of things — she takes ownership of herself, her actions and her behaviors. She gets that she is exactly where she wants to be, and that this is the result of her work, activities and habits over the last 90 days. She creates accountability for herself, and leans on her colleagues, business coach or other trusted advisors for support and guidance when needed. The Victor deeply understands that she is responsible for where she’s at in her journey, and she regularly checks in with herself on what she can control. She owns her attitude and continuously works on the things she can change. The Victim On the other hand, The Victim feels very…

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Yes, You Have to ADULT Today

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This is what life’s about: I got a message today. I was in the midst of planning and packing for my business/work/play trip away from my family. I was stressing about anything I could think of to stress about. And then worrying about missing things I should be stressed about, certainly I was overlooking something. What purse do I bring? Big? Small? Clutch? Partial-luggage-sized? Stress. What to wear? What to pack? What jackets, what shirts with what pants? Stress. And shoes! Ladies…the SHOES are an out-of-control obsession. Can we stop? Stress. And school pictures are on Friday…can we make the hair happen that day? Can we at least get a promise to comb it? Stress. Piano on Thursday. Oh, and Meet the Teachers is tomorrow night. One fruit and one vegetable in the kids’ lunch every day. And protein…don’t forget the protein. Youngest has to read every morning before school.…

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5 Ways High-Level Training Can Skyrocket Your Success

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I’m sitting here in the Denver airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Austin, TX. ***Before we dive into this post, let me ask you been-to-Austin peeps where I should eat?  I’ve heard Austin is a great place to visit…but what are the must-do’s before I leave on Sunday? I’d rather skip Yelp and TripAdvisor and ask actual people instead of a computer. So…whatcha got? Austin all week; call this a work/girlfriend/leadership/company convention trip. It’s all about blending work and play, right? I take these leadership/professional development trips 1-2 times each year and people always ask me if they’re paid for? Um, yes, they’re paid for and yes, I’m the one footing the bill. In today’s world where so many women are seeking entrepreneurship, it’s the only way to get personal and professional development at the expert level. I mean, if I’m my own boss, who do people think would be sending me off on…