How to Manifest Exactly What You Want…and Get It

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I have a super exciting story to share. I’ve read for years about the power of manifestation and because of this one experience, I now know FOR SURE that it works. Sometimes it’s instant, and sometimes it’s not. My most recent experience was instant. But I’m not sharing this to brag. I want YOU to start manifesting the things you want in your world. The idea with manifesting is that you ask the universe for what you want and you can have it. Your kids do this to you all the time. The universe does have your back. It wants you to succeed. But you have to ask. So…here’s my story. We’ve been wanting a cabin for a while. We started shopping and traveling searching for our dream cabin and were completely underwhelmed with our options. One weekend, I started talking to the universe about what we really want. I…

The Quickest Ways to Gain Self Confidence by Heather Quisel

The Quickest Ways to Gain Self Confidence

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Do you ever those moments when something pops in your head and you know it for sure? It’s like flash of brilliance and you know it’s true because you’ve lived it. I want to share one of those with you today about self-esteem, self-confidence, having faith in yourself and your abilities. I so often hear people saying and feeling things like “I’m not sure I can do it…” When you’re meeting with someone who feels that way, you can see it on their bodies, in the way they hold themselves. It comes out in their voices and the language they use. No one is born with self-confidence. But you can LEARN it. You CHOOSE to build it in your life. Wherever you are today with self-esteem, you don’t have to stay there. With intentional focus and practice, you can grow it – just like muscles. I know this FOR SURE…

What Your Most Painful Memories Can Teach You About Life by Heather Quisel

What Your Most Painful Memories Can Teach You About Life

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I have a friend who was raised by an alcoholic father. She shared some amazing perspective with me, that I just have to share. Maybe you can relate to her story yourself or know someone else who’s had a similar experience. The thing is – I think this perspective can help EVERYONE. We all have painful memories – ones we’d rather not have enter our minds ever again – but they have a lot to teach us. Our minds are wired to identify problems. We’re set up to figure out what’s wrong, what’s missing, etc. Someone who’s seeking growth, enlightenment, empowerment, and positivity always finds a way to see a different perspective…and that’s how she began her story. “I was raised by an alcoholic father and that gave me a unique perspective…” She’s already setting me, and herself, up to learn something from her difficult childhood. I heard another amazing…

How to use the Seinfeld Strategy to WIN by Heather Quisel

How to use the Seinfeld Strategy to WIN

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Who remembers the sitcom, Seinfeld? The big joke was that it was a show about nothing. Simple, right? Humor about the mundaneness that is everyday life. The Seinfeld strategy is just as simple. It helps you build daily habits to reach your goals. People are always asking me for the secret sauce. They want to know how I got here. The truth is, that secret sauce is so basic, it’s easy to miss. It’s consistency and persistence. You do the small, daily habits day in and day out. They’re so small, they’re easy to overlook. It’s like brushing your teeth. You already know you need to do it or risk a visit with the dentist’s drill. So, every day, twice a day, you brush your teeth. It’s a small thing, with a big benefit. When there are obstacle or challenges, you keep doing it. If you forget your toothbrush on…

Get Over Your Bad Mood by Heather Quisel

Get Over a Bad Mood

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Overcoming a bad day. You know those days…you wake up crabby as can be, and you can’t figure out WHY. Nothing happened, you just feel yucky…. Or you came home from work, and same thing…you’re feeling funky and irritable. Or you’ve spent all day with your kids, and by mid-day, you’re crabby. Bottom line: you’re in a bad mood. A friend shared an article with me last week about overcoming a bad day, thinking it would be a great topic to share here…and she’s right. I never opened the article, but it go my wheels turning because being crabby…being in a bad mood…It happens to all of us. So how do you get OUT of it? 3 things…I’ve got three steps for you anytime you’re in a bad mood. And honestly, these are MY steps. These are steps I’ve learned to implement in my own life because let’s face it…ain’t…

How to Discipline Your Disappointments in 4 Steps by Heather Quisel

How to Discipline Your Disappointments in 4 Steps

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Whether we’re talking business or talking life, we all experience disappointments, right? There are the really high highs… The really low lows… The magic is in not resting at extremes. The magic is in managing expectations. High highs breed expectation, and low lows come when those expectations not being met…and feeling like a failure because of them. The root is EXPECTATION. The truth with expectation is that it’s a false reality. You’re actually making up a story in your mind and emotionally attaching yourself to it. So it comes true, and you’re on top of the world. It doesn’t, and you’re feeling setback, discouragement, failure, etc. How can you avoid that? How do you stay CHILL, and detach yourself from the outcome? In my experience, there’s a gift in everything that works out…and there’s also a gift in everything that doesn’t. This is a TRUST you build…based on your life…

Being perfect is sabotaging your success and what you can do to overcome it by Heather Quisel

Being PERFECT is sabotaging your success, and what you can do to overcome it

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I’m a recovering perfectionist. This means that most of the time I still try to be perfect, BUT I’m aware of how that trait has the potential to sabotage everything I do. If you’re a perfectionist like I was, you have a hard time finishing things because until it’s perfect you don’t want to put it out there. I learned something a couple years ago that radically changed my perspective and I hope it will help you too. Perfectionism gets in the way of reaching goals and feeling fulfilled. Recently, I was working with a one on one client. She was so stuck on getting her website perfect that she couldn’t get it to the web developer and without the website she couldn’t direct traffic and get sales. She was basically paralyzed by her need for perfection and preventing herself from succeeding. I told her this same phrase I’m about…

Two Questions to ask to Raise your Energy and Kill it in Business this month by Heather Quisel

Two Questions to ask to Raise your Energy and Kill it in Business this month

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Today’s a new day and a new month! This means it’s time to seize the moment. The new month means new opportunities to crush your goals. Today, I want to focus on your energy. You’re the heartbeat of your home, your office, your business – everything you do. Let’s start this month off with a check in. Is your heartbeat radiating the love and energy you want it to? You are a light, a beacon, for your business. The new month gives you a chance to take stock of where you are and where you want to go. Ask yourself, “who am I?” In discovering this, identify what really gets you excited. Month end is a big deal in my business. It’s all encompassing and exhausting. But it’s also exciting! What gets you up no matter how tired you are? And on the flip side, what completely drains every ounce…

how to win people over with your voice by Heather Quisel

How to Win People Over with Your Voice

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Think about how you present yourself. What do you think about first? Your makeup? Your clothes? Something else? All of those things are important, but none of them matter quite as much as your tone of voice. From your tone of voice, people are deciding about your confidence, your intelligence, your capabilities. It’s about the energy with which you show up. Energy, both good and bad, is contagious. Keeping that in mind, you can see how your tone of voice plays a key role in winning people over to your brand. Let’s say you’re on a phone call with a prospective client or team member. The energy, the tone of voice, you bring to that call is the biggest factor by which the person on the other side of the call is going to base their decision. Here’s an example from my own journey. Early on when I started growing…

Personal profile business page or group page where to post to get the most engagement for your business by Heather Quisel

Personal Profile, Business Page, or Group Page: where to post to get the most engagement for your business

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In working with my team, one of the most common questions I’m asked is where to post on Facebook. I’ve had to figure this out and revisit it myself many times over the years as an entrepreneur. I’m going to share some tips with you to help you decide where it’s best for you to post to grow your business. The whole idea with posting on Facebook is make sure you’re being seen. For most people, particularly those new to business, this will happen on your personal Facebook page. I talk about this a lot in my products “Post your way to six figures” and “The Six Figure Social Media Formula.” The gist, though, is that your personal profile, especially as a new entrepreneur, is where you’ll have the most eyeballs looking at your stuff. The key is not drowning those eyeballs with posts about BUYING your stuff. People don’t…