How to Build the Relationships That Build Tribes

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How to Build the Relationships that build tribes by Heather Quisel
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Every successful business depends on the relationships you make, the bonds you build, the connections with others that you strengthen over time. This is true in direct marketing, but any other business as well.

In my coaching business, I hear a lot of people talking about their fear. Fear that they’re not the right kind of person, that they’re not a leader…that they’re not sure they have what it takes to build a relationship and trust that the other person isn’t going to hurt them, leave them, reject them.

These fears affect business. Absolutely, 100%. So the question is, how do you open yourself up to create these relationships in spite of that fear?

You must get to a place where trust that if someone rejects you that you’re strong enough to be okay. What one person, or even a few people, think of you isn’t what everyone thinks of you. But that fear of rejection puts walls up – you’re protecting your heart. Unfortunately, it also leaves you unable to feel the joy, peace, and happiness that comes from sharing and living your purpose.

Fear prevents you from giving to others. It’s block to your energy and passion radiating to others. Which means they don’t feel connected to you. Even if you’re trying to project something differently, your guarded heart is front and center in every interaction. People need and want to feel like they know the real you before they work with you or buy from you.

So, how do you get there? To that place where you trust yourself and other people. There’s a surrender that must happen within yourself to allow yourself to be wide open knowing you may be hurt. You must trust YOURSELF that if you’re hurt by someone else you’re strong enough to overcome it and that having an open heart will open your energy, mind, and opportunities to connect with others.

When you truly allow others to see you at your most vulnerable and real, that’s where your business grows. People want to be a part of what you’re doing. And when that happens your personal and professional lives are enriched.

Today, challenge yourself to release that vice grip around your heart. Be brave. Put yourself out there and trust that those who are meant for you will flock to you.

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